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    XM Radio Suspends Opie & Anthony

    Explain how XM is the weaker company and the one to go under.
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    Max-HD 310

    Yea! Max-HD Keep em coming.:D
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    Foxmw Hd

    I really can't help you, I just happened to look and there it was. It says Cards Mets 6 o'clock now if it's blacked out I'll be starting another thread:D
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    Foxmw Hd

    Alright! Foxmw HD channel 368 Cards Mets tonight, Good job Dish!:D
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    Springfield, MO retailer referral

    Home video does.
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    Springfield, MO retailer referral

    Try Pat at Home video and Sat. on S. Campbell:up
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    Is this a joke??

    I saw on Oprah or one of those shows DR. Benjamin Dover, honest. And a lady in my town named Anita Lick. How about the way Peter Fonda's name is listed in the phone book.:D
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    Average 622/722 Temperature thread, Is your's Hot?

    I bought a lap-top cooler and put under mine. It plugs right in the back with usb. I was having high temps of 138 and having lockups everyday, it seems to have helped but I haven't had it long enough to say for sure
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    Where can I find Superdish LNB's?

    Really have no idea what shipping would be, just thought I would let you know if you decided to keep your superdish. You would probably be better off with a new one.
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    Where can I find Superdish LNB's?

    I have one if you are still in need
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    Why do people bash Voom? It's great.

    Where is the HD preview channel? I don't guess I have seen it.
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    Getting HD locals from another area

    I get 100 so I guess I'm good. I just wasn't sure what I would get and lose, If you know what I mean. Thanks for the help
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    Getting HD locals from another area

    I'm a little confused:confused: I'm 40 miles south of Springfield Missouri[southwest Mo] what problems will I have moving to Kansas City MO. Sorry I guess I'm just dumb:D
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    Picture dropout

    I installed a 4228 roof antenna with a 7777 amp to try and pick up a couple of stations that are 50 or so miles away. I run it through my Dish 622. The signal is into the 90 range but I get a lot of drop out. Does anyone have any ideas on the problem? And how I might fix it. The picture looks...
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    Ok I'm Getting Ready to Change My Service Address

    O.k so I guess I'm the dumbest guy on here so some kind person walk me through this. I live in S.W Missouri and I want to move to ST. Louis, Step by step what do I do? I don't care even If I have to move to K.C, I need to know what address to use and what to tell them. Sorry I'm not to bright I...
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    Dish Network to Discount OTA Antennas for HD

    I sent them a email asking about getting one for Springfield Mo area, They said they would only for Springfield and Memphis Ten. I ask if I could get one then and they said no. That I had to live in the actual city limits. I live outside but can only receive Springfield. Makes no sense but alot...
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    622 lockup

    Most of the time it locks when I change channels,or yesterday when the caller ID poped up when the phone rang. Thanks
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    622 lockup

    My 622 locks up about 4-5 times a week. Reboot works but 3-4 min. each time is annoying. Any help