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    Package advise???

    Hi Fellars, Been a long time since I've posted. Anyways...I'm interested in getting service at our camp out on the lake. I'd like the most economical package/s. I was thinking maybe the TURBO HD pack along with locals....since 99% of my viewing is on the major networks. Is this possible...
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    How much do E* installers make???

    I didn't think that installers worked on Sundays...I mean I could be wrong? Also, if the guy claims to making a 100k a year, what kind life outside of working could he possibly have???
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    How much do E* installers make???

    Hey thanks guys for all the replies. I'll pass it on to my nephew. The company is actually based out of Schenectady NY, Prime Service Center. Anyone ever heard of them, or works/ed for them? Good or bad? Once again, Thanks.
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    How much do E* installers make???

    My nephew is considering becoming an E* installer. He drove past a local installer/contractor's??? and saw a sign that they were looking for installers and mentioned it to me. He then asked how much I thought they make. I haven't the foggiest, but since I'm a member here, I told him I'd ask...
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    Just got my (2) 211's

    How come I can't see NESN-HD???? I can watch the SD, but the HD says "CHECK BACK OFTEN BLAH-BLAH-BLAH"???? Game is on right now, the Sox are at home, and I KNOW the game is in HD....what gives???? Ooooops my bad....It's a SOX in 2 game!!! Is it only the live games that are in HD???
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    A liitle help fellars....

    Thanks Guys!!!! Ohhhhhhhhhh the agony.....decisions, decisions.
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    A liitle help fellars....

    Got a call from E* last week. Need to upgrade my 2 (811's) in oder to continue receiving HD programming. Installer will be here this Wednesday. When I spoke to the CSR they said that the 2 new rcvr's will be free of charge to upgrade as well as the install of a second dish for any additional...
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    A little help....

    We already know the values.... Azimuth = 246 Elev.= 25 Skew = 124
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    A little help....

    What's that going to tell me?
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    A little help....

    Ok great. But with the 119 peaked in the 120's as far as signal strength, shouldn't I at least be getting a blip on the 110 bird???
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    A little help....

    LNB mount? Are you talking the the actual part that goes into the straight arm and is held in place with a single screw? Also, does it matter which connector on the lnb he uses? There are two connectors for each of the lnb's?
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    A little help....

    Trying to help a friend out repointing his dish. Anyways, he's got a Dish 500 pointed at the 119/110 birds. Which LNBF is for which bird??? Center-most LNBF 119 & outer LNBF 110? Or is it the other way around? We got a signal strength in the 120's on the 119 bird, but couldn't get squat on...
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    Tech Chat Recap - August 13, 2007

    Next chat??? Been away for a while.... When are the next chats scheduled for? TIA.
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    NESN HD - letter to CEO

    FYI... D*= Direct TV E*= DishNetwork
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    622 SD stretch

    Yeah!!! So, there!:p
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    Will Dish Follow Suit?

    Amen to that brother!!!
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    VOOM STB FAQ (Motorola DSR-550): Post-VOOM Edition

    Does any know what generation chipset the OTA tuners are in these things???
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    Best OTA STB???

    Roashru, Thanks for the replies. I've seen a bunch of the VOOM boxes on fleabay. They need to be activated in order to get OTA signals correct? About how much should I be willing to pay for one of these units?
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    NESN HD - letter to CEO

    Ain't that the truth. Drives me friggin' nuts! Look out....I'm about to lose it....again!!!:mad:
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    Sports could improve.... temendously!!

    Aren't a number of NHL games shown in HD on HDNet???