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  1. Faw

    backing up DVR internal drive

    You could try Clonezilla. I have used it before, works well. Can backup to DVDs as well.
  2. Faw

    Dish products that missed the mark or never made it to market

    There were some rumors of a DISH PCI Tuner card floating around a long time ago. I would have loved to see that.
  3. Faw

    Virtual Joey PS3/PS4 app. Free or fee??

    That was exactly what I was going to say. The Virtual Joey is just a renamed "Dish Anywhere" for smart TVs.
  4. Faw

    New DISH Anywhere App Integrates Hopper Transfers for Android, iPad and iPhone; Coming to Kindle Fir

    Not that much work, there are a lot of free/open source DLNA servers for Linux around (Mediatomb/Fuppes/Minidlna). Hopper is still linux, so would just be plugging the Hopper streams to the DLNA server, sure they could have a beta in a few weeks. Maybe navychop is right about it being all DRM...
  5. Faw

    New DISH Anywhere App Integrates Hopper Transfers for Android, iPad and iPhone; Coming to Kindle Fir

    I wish they added Roku/Apple TV as well. Why not save themselves time and resources and make the Hopper a DLNA server? That way any DLNA client (almost all smart tvs, tablets, consoles) could be virtual joeys. Sigh, so much potential...
  6. Faw

    DISH Energizes Hopper Platform at CES!

    Nothing special, just the new gigabit (actually 1.5gb max) wireless protocol (802.11ac). In theory should be the same as connecting joey to 802.11ac router (like any of these)
  7. Faw

    Informal survey: how many of you use a Hopper w/Sling with a Roku box to supplement it?

    Well that is a problem with *pure* streaming services (Netflix, Hulu, etc.) with Dish it wont be a problem because AFAIK a tuner will be locked to each user. The only problem is that you could replace Joeys with Rokus but that would be horribly inefficient and picture quality wont be as good.
  8. Faw

    I dont understand Dish (Hopper hard disk died, customer service adventures)

    How long does it takes to show the delivery of the recevers back to Dish in 'My shipments'? They received one on 08/28/2013 and 09/05/2013 but still no update on 'My Shipments' page, both show as 'Not Received'. PS: The install of the new one worked perfectly, all settings were on the remote...
  9. Faw

    I dont understand Dish (Hopper hard disk died, customer service adventures)

    I'm worried that somewhere they will have 2 hoppers registered in my account, since now they think im replacing 2 bad leased hoppers. They cant change/cancel orders you understand why I dont trust their systems too much. Got it on 07/08/2012. Are the timers in the remote as well? Please let...
  10. Faw

    I dont understand Dish (Hopper hard disk died, customer service adventures)

    Ok, my hopper hard disk died so I used chat to get it replaced. First chat (Paraphrase) Me: My hopper hard disk died, need a replacement. CS: Yes well replace it Me: Can you replace for the new Hopper with Sling? I'll pay for the upgrade. CS: Lucky you, I can replace your bad hopper for...
  11. Faw

    Features you wish the hopper had

    Media servers, if license says "GPL, MIT or BSD" and price says "Free", Dish can use it. GPL they will have to release the changes they make, MIT/BSD they can do anything with it. In that list I see 17 free DLNA servers.
  12. Faw

    Features you wish the hopper had

    Make the Hopper a full,real "DLNA Server" (there are enough free implementations around) and forget about all the "Sling that is not really Sling" stuff. Software development kit (SDK) so we can make our own apps.
  13. Faw

    Hopper and HDHomeRun Dual

    722 had a Sling adapter, Hopper had the same Sling adapter, Hopper 2 has the Sling software integrated. The Slingplayer software worked with the 722 + Slingadapter. Is not different technology, is the same (Sling), they were made incompatible on purpose to separate the Slingboxes from the...
  14. Faw

    Hopper and HDHomeRun Dual

    Would it be possible to anyone in contact with Dish techs (Scott/DIRT) ask about adding support for the HDHomeRun to the Hopper? That could be easily integrated with the Hopper. Connect to the network, query device for tuners and channels, query for streams. It seems easier and more practical...
  15. Faw

    Special UPLINK REPORT announcement!

    If you have a need for a programmer you should ask here, I'm sure there are some of us always lurking around. Maybe it might be possible to port it to another language instead of BASIC (barf!) like java,c#,...
  16. Faw

    What the future may hold. The "supertuner","'groups".

    What they should do is just skip the receivers completely, and make a switch/receiver combo with 4 tuners and just bring 1 cat5 cable from the roof (using POE to power it), plug that in the local network. Then all u need is the current joeys and a joey with a hard disk. I think a gigabit...
  17. Faw

    New S229 Feature - Deleted Recordings Recycle Bin

    Even nicer feature would be multiple select for delete show/folders. If it's available is not very intuitive because havent found the way to do it yet.
  18. Faw

    PTAT question

    From what I understand the hopper just stores the "locals transponder stream" (is that correct) and then filters the 4 networks, right? If that's true why are only the 4 main networks available and not the other locals? Is it because of contracts? Is it because it just gets streams for those 4...
  19. Faw

    No Info Available (Daily schedule)

    I just got this same problem, the daily schedule is full of "No info available", tons of conflicts and garbage schedules (things i havent set up). Im worried my real timers wont work. How do I set the tuners on standby?