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    New VIP211K with existing EHD

    I just received a new VIP211K to replace an existing VIP211. The receiver works fine but it will not recognize the EHD that I had on the old VIP211. I attached 2 EHD with no luck. I attached a flash drive to make sure the USB port was active and it was. Any help would be appreciated.
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    Changing TV Input on Hopper

    I've looked in the manual but cannot figure out how to change the TV input on the Hopper/Joey remote.
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    Hopper Fan noise and Energy usage

    Now that the Hopper has been out for a couple of days, any updates on Hopper noise (Hard Drive Fan) compared to the 722/622. Also, any early power readings. I have 2 622s and 2 211s and need a slight push to go the H/J setup. By the way, my monthly rate would drop $6 if I upgraded.
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    What do I need?

    Here's my present configuration: 1. Receivers - 2 x 811 (1 lease, 1 own), 2 - 301 (both owned) 2. Dish - Dish Pro 500 with Dish Pro Quad LNBF getting 119 and110 3. Programming - AEP with HD package and locals 4. Monthly cost - 114.98 I am in the San Francisco Bay area Here is my...