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  1. Phil T


    Anybody know what happened to Looked like they were there yesterday but gone today?
  2. Phil T

    Fun things to do in Hartford?

    I am going to go to a convention in Hartford CT August 3-9. I have never been in the area before. I will not have a car so most of my time will be spent downtown around the convention center. Any suggestions for :hungry: in the area? I have signed up of a NYC tour on August 8th. It seems that...
  3. Phil T

    Where is Robert?

    DTV TIVO Dealer? I see he is still a sponsor but I have not seen any posts from him in quite a while. Is he going to be at CES with Satellite Guys?
  4. Phil T

    Conduct in Dish lawsuit blasted

    From the Denver Post:
  5. Phil T

    Disorder in the Court - Echostar

    From the Denver Post:
  6. Phil T

    Hey Claude - Update your web site

    This thing is a collectors item. :D
  7. Phil T

    Got my DVD Player from the Charlie Chat Chat

    It looks like a nice unit. I got it today at lunch so I have not had a chance to play with it yet. Thanks Scott and The Dish Store!! :D
  8. Phil T

    Discovery HD is in the clear tonight on Dish Network

    Lets hope all the new HD channels get a free preview this weekend! :)