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    COZI moving

    Slate up now saying that COZI has moved to SES 3 Transponder 3.
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    GEOSATpro Never seen this before - MicroHD

    I get a "Error: No Space Available" box when I try a blindscan.
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    Bizarre disappearing signal

    Hello. I haven't visited in a while, but it's great to be back! I'm having this problem where I go to bed listening to music through an ear bud. When I wake up, the music is gone. I'm getting enough signal to rule out day/night outages. Some background: From my 1.2m dish, I'm running two...
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    Appearing on Huntington Beach Cam

    My parents visited Huntington Beach on their trip to southern California. I took this picture of them on AMC-1. They got a kick out of seeing themselves when I sent the image to their phone. They took a picture of the building that houses the camera. It's a little hard to see, but the camera is...
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    Just in time for Halloween

    Check out my mutant LNBs. It performs pretty well, too (for a minibud)!
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    GEOSATpro NBC Stutter Gone?

    I used to experience stuttering on NBC Mountain on 103. For a few weeks, the picture has been fine. My quality hasn't changed, not that that should play any part of what i was seeing. Has anyone else experienced an improvement with regard to the stuttering that had been occurring?
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    HD in 3MHz

    Someone touched upon this briefly in an earlier thread, but it appears NBC is cramming a 1080i signal into a 3MHz slice. At least the service name suggests this. And they're using a tiny 2306 SR. Granted, the FEC is 8/9! The picture is stunning. And to think, they're using a little over half the...
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    Newsfeeds on the 1.2m. Not what they used to be.

    I've been having trouble keeping a consistent lock on DVB-S2 8PSK 5/6 Ku on my 1.2m Andrew. My quality hovers right around 70% on my Micro and this is just enough to keep the audio going, but the video breaks up every few seconds. This never seemed to be a problem with DVB-S MPEG-2 in the past...
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    You're doing it wrong

    I've had my Fortec 1.2m dish for a few years. And during that time, I've thought the performance was okay at best. The other day I was going through the FTA equipment review section to see what others thought of the dish. Iceberg's review was informative and insightful. Mostly, it was...
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    DVB-S2 WOW!

    Thanks to the new MicroHD, I'm able to view DVB-S2 and 8PSK for the first time. This has really expanded my viewing options beyond the relatively few DVB-S channels! I mean, I knew that there was some stuff in S2, but there's a lot more than I thought. And the wild feeds- so many feeds! I'm...
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    Without Loop Out I'm lost! Time to learn about switches!

    I'm really looking forward to the MicroHD box. I think we all are! But I see that because of its small form factor, IF Loop Out will not be included. So I have a question about switches... I have 2 dishes and 2 receivers. I don't think it matters, but the dishes are separated by about 100...
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    Trouble on Galaxy 19?

    I'm getting high S/Q on Pastor Scott, but no video. Problems on other TPs too. Anyone else?
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    What is DVB-S2D?

    I found this modulation scheme listed on lyngsat under Galaxy 3C Ku. Looks like it's used for a popular DBS provider. Thanks
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    Looking at a new 1.2m

    WSI WS1247 1.2m dish versus GeosatPro 1.2m dish... I want to get a sturdier dish than my current Fortec Star 1.2m. I'd like to use it for Ku-band as well as a mini-bud. Which one do you guys recommend? Is there another option that's better than these? Thanks!
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    SG2100 & USALS Trouble

    I have a dish on an SG2100 motor connected to a GeoSatPro DSR-200c. I prefer to use USALS when setting up the motor because it gets me in the neighborhood. Then I manually adjust east or west slightly to peak. I save this position. When I go back to watching TV and I want to change to this new...
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    Constant G19 updates on Lyngsat

    Does anyone know why the listings on Lyngsat for Galaxy 19 change about every other day? Do the services change tp? Are the PIDS different? What could warrant this many updates? Maybe it's just the shear number of services this bird offers.
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    Interesting outage in Twin Cities

    Last night, I was watching America's Got Talent on NBC. About twenty minutes into the show, the picture began breaking up due to some pretty heavy rains over the Twin Cities and south. Since our state held a primary, the affiliate had a ticker running throughout the show. Once the storm got bad...
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    Geosatpro DSR-200c question

    When I do a blind scan, the receiver skips 11700 MHz through 11750 MHz. I have a universal LNBF. I've tried both Universal 1 & Universal 2 for my LO. And I have the latest OTA upgrade. I think that's all... Besides my little problem, this receiver is awesome!
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    Will my Quali-tv remember sat position after a system reset?

    I wish to perform a system reset but I don't want to lose the position info for my SG2100. Are sat positions stored in the receiver or the motor... or both? Thanks!
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    Same bird, different aim for 2 freqs on AMC1

    My 90cm dish is aimed at AMC1 and I get NBC pretty well, but Safeway is at 0%. If I pan the dish east a hair, I get Safeway great, but NBC goes away. How can two services on the same satellite require different aiming? Thoughts?