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    The Braves Phillies game is on channel 437 Sports South on Friday night. It has nothing to do with Fox. And no they did not take away fox local channels. Look at the story it says so right there.
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    Turbo Hd Gold + locals

    cost I have the same thing except a second receiver @ $7 a month and a bundle discount of $5 a month with my phone company. My total is about $80 a month. So your total should be in the $70 range. This is befeor price increases effective to day.
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    1080p VOD - Can we run the test free before geting charged?

    When I do the test the screen says my tv resolution is not compatible with this event. Why and is anyone else with a 1080p tv having the same problem? I am connected via hdmi and have a westinghouse lcd 42 inch tv that is a 1080p output tv.
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    Big Ten Channel 9500, 439 where is it?

    Could I get it if I got the sports package?
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    Big Ten Channel 9500, 439 where is it?

    I thought w/ Americas Top 250 I would get this channel. Per Dish's web site I should be getting this channel, but I do not get it I need to know why? Thanks
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    DHPP, Is it worth it or not?

    Thanks for the help guys. I canceled and now am saving the money.
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    DHPP, Is it worth it or not?

    I have had Dish Home Protection Plan (DHPP) for a while and was thinking of canceling. I am not planning on moving soon and I have a leased 622 and a leased 211. I was wondering if I did not have the plan what would happen if one of my leased receivers were to stop working or needed to be...
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    MyBook 320GB External USB Hard Drive - Enter To Win

    enter me please
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    New Channelmaster 4228, good Idea?

    Just hooked up the 4228 and it works great. I am 30+ miles from antennas and I am getting all my locals in the 75-100% range!!!
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    New Channelmaster 4228, good Idea?

    i bought from SOLID SIGNAL as well.Only 1 is vhf and it is channel 10 which I hear this unit picks up high uhf channels. All others are in the 19-43 range. Why would digital switch to vhf after 2009, it is limiting in channels 2-14 and is harder to get. I was under the impression digital tv...
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    New Channelmaster 4228, good Idea?

    I just bought a cm 4228 8 bay uhf antenna and was wondering if anyone here has any info or personal experience w/ it. I am about 30-35 miles from transmitters and hope this will do the trick. I also need to find a way to work it into the current set up of a 622 and an 811 receiver. Thanks for...
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    Moving soon what to take with me?

    I'll be moving soon and I need to know other than my two receivers what do I need to take w/ me to the new house? I will be using a dish mover certificate. I have a 622 and an 811. I have a 64 switch do I need to take it. I know I can leave the dishes here but what goes and what stays?
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    The troubles with 129 - A summary

    my 129 signal is from 70-90 depending on tp. I use a dish 100 and have had no problems so far. on 110 i get 85-110 and on 119 I get 95-115, on 61.5 I get 90-120. The setup I have gets a great signal.
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    What are the current deals for upgrade of 942 -> 622

    1. Think 1 leased 622 is all. 2. 199 upfront, 200 rebate after they get the 942. 3. Not that I have seen but call and ask.
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    61.5 vs. 129 on a 622?

    sorry, did not see the last page. So can anyone help with the problem?
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    61.5 vs. 129 on a 622?

    who is big tv steve? Who is the last comment for? If it is for me I have a dp44, yes it is included in install and I need 129 for hd locals, is that good enough.
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    61.5 vs. 129 on a 622?

    never mind, woke up this morning and everything is on 129 again.
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    129 problems

    Do you have a 61.5 dish? You can get all hd on 129 on 61.5 if you set it up right. The signal is usually much stronger on 61.5
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    61.5 vs. 129 on a 622?

    Found the solution. It only worked with the 61.5 on port 3 and 129 on port 4. Did check switch an voila! , everything on 61.5 and 129 were on 61.5 except for my hd locals still on 129. Great fix.
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    61.5 vs. 129 on a 622?

    tried puttin 61.5 first, 129 last no help. did a test switch after and it shows 61.5, 110, 119, 129.