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  1. anhmduk

    Wiring a 5th DVR receiver

    Anyone know of a good switch. I need two more conections.
  2. anhmduk

    NHL Center Ice HD Channels Not up

    I can not access any center ice hd channels. SD working fine, HD channels do not even show up in guide. I checked channels I recieve in the menu and they are not listed. Went to custom 1 and marked all of them they now show up shaded in the guide (like the others channels I do not receive) and...
  3. anhmduk

    Best multi switch

    Looking to replace my multi switch in my on going effort to correct some issues I have been having. Please give me some feedback on the multi switch you are running with any pros and cons. :) THANKS I am running 2 HR20-700, 1 HR21-600 and 1 standard def receiver. All with 2 coax leads to them.
  4. anhmduk

    Having receiver trouble again.

    We have changed out our HR20-700 3 times in the last year, now problems again. *Black screen just out of the blue while watching a live program. *Freezes up when trying to play a recorded program. (On program option screen) Theses things are crap. What options do I have? Is there a direct...
  5. anhmduk

    Record Light

    I noticed that my record light was red for about 1 minute then it went to the normal amber. What is up with the red light? Receiver HR20-700
  6. anhmduk

    HR20-700 will not turn on

    I installed a second HR20-700 last Saturday the 29th. Sunday after returning to the room form the kitchen, I found a black screen and receiver froze up. The remote and front panel buttons inop. I restarted the receiver and all was ok. Monday morning when I tried to turn the receiver on, nothing...
  7. anhmduk

    My HR20-700 may be dead.

    Came down stairs today to find it will not turn on. Unplugged for 20 seconds plug back in. The power button lights up very dim for about 5 seconds and goes off. No other lights come on when I do this.
  8. anhmduk

    HR20-700 one remote 2 receivers

    I have had no luck getting one remote to control 2 receivers. No matter what I try they both respond to the remote. HELP. Update, I Got the devil working!
  9. anhmduk

    Idaho at USC HD 10 pm est

    Any idea where I can find it ?
  10. anhmduk

    DIRECTV to Offer More Than 40 HDTV Channels in Mid-2007

    Tv article.
  11. anhmduk

    HR10-250 with the AT-9 dish

    Will the HR10-250 work with the new AT-9 dish