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    Starband vs HughesNet

    Anybody out there that has used both Starband and HughesNet? Mostly I am looking to see how HughesNet does in the rain. Starband does great, especially since the switch to the new bird within the past year. It really never goes out. But it would be nice to have more bandwidth and speed...
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    hughesnet or wildblue?

    I used Wildblue for a couple years and it was horrible. The slightest drizzle and it would go out. It uses Ka band which is much higher frequency, so it is really affected by rain fade. Maybe they have gotten better or upgraded their satellites. I don't know. But three, four years ago it was...
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    Starband Signal Boost

    That's too bad. You would think that Starband should be held accountable for this. They have to be aware that the newer dishes are of lesser quality than the older ones made by Channel Master.
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    Starband Signal Boost

    Have Starband on Cluster 80 on satellite 129*W. The signal from the modem Skymanage was always less than 6, usually around low 5's. Some nearby neighbors just got switched to the new satellite on 121*W, cluster 90. Their signal was a little higher, but usually less than 7. During rainy or...
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    SSH over Sat internet

    The Wildblue service in general is not very good in my opinion. Starband is much better and they are actually transitioning to a new satellite right now. If it is cloudy or raining, Wildblue will not work. On a good day though, SSH will work on Wildblue. It will definitely be slow, but it is...
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    Wildblue Issues

    Wildblue is the worst service ever and they have horrible customer service. - I use Starband, which is great on Cluster 80. Plus they are switching to 121W right now. Supposed to be more reliable with better architecture.
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    Starband Change DNS - Telent or Clear CMSOS ?????

    Months ago, I was able to manually enter DNS servers in my computer and in my router (OpenDNS). It was working great, but now the Starband DNS servers are the only ones that can be used. I have tried to manually enter them, tried using a static IP with manual DNS servers. Nothing works. I can't...
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    Starband Alternate DNS Question ???

    Starband seems to have pretty crappy and/or overloaded DNS servers. I want to use OpenDNS servers instead. I was able to do this for a short period of time by entering the OpenDNS servers into my router and also manually on the computer. It was working great, but after the modem was reset one...
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    HughesNet or WildBlue

    Do not go with Wildblue. Their service is horrible and their customer service is worse. I have not used Hughes, but have heard good things. Starband is another option. I use Starband and it is pretty solid. For me personally, their customer service has been great. - But you want to make sure...
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    Starband C-band Dish?

    Wildblue is the worst service /company there is. They are truly awful. Had nothing but problems with them. - Starband is much better and now that I have switched clusters, it doesn't go out. I just wish there was more than 2gb of bandwidth a week and hope they get the slow issues and DNS errors...
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    Starband C-band Dish?

    Switched from cluster 51 to cluster 80 and this helped a lot. Boosted the signal from the low 5's to high 7's. It has not gone out from the rain since, and there have been some heavy rains. The only issue, is on 80 there seems to be a lot of slow periods and a lot of DNS errors. Starband said...
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    Starband C-band Dish?

    Yeah, probably wouldn't be worth it. Unless it was a fun project. I am looking into getting one of the Alaska Starband dishes. - If anyone has any tips on enhancing a Starband signal or rain tips, let me know. Thanks.
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    Starband C-band Dish?

    Don't know if anyone has tried this. - Would it work if you attached the Starband LNB to the end of a big C-band dish? Would this help boost the signal? Just curious. - Really I am just looking for a way to boost the signal so it doesn't always go out when it rains. I know in Alaska...