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    new subscriber deals got worse

    Noticed in the last few weeks they took the HD for life off all the packs except the premier one. What was $7 for DVR service is now $17 a month for DVR and HD. Guess i will wait to switch from dish. Currently i pay $82 a month for americas top 250 with HD, the HD extra pack, and the sports ...
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    RE: Sports Pack

    on Dish Network the past season i got the replays of the same night NHL games both in and out of market. Off season games have been blacked out
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    Have Dish-want direct-Dish want fee to remove dish

    wow like what if someone is scared of heights, doesnt have a ladder capable of reaching OR god forbid is handicapped.
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    Have Dish-want direct-Dish want fee to remove dish

    I have dish HD service with a 622 and a single dish 1000 dish. Dish wants 99 bucks to come out and remove this dish. I would like direct to stick the new dish where this dish network dish is mounted. I don't know much about removing the dish myself so will direct do this for me? I think i"ll...
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    What is the deal with the Premier Pack?

    have a question on the sports pack-on the channels that are HD 24/7 (Nesn etc) with the sports pack do u get ALL the non game stuff in HD? Or do u have to live in the area to get it. On dish with the sports pack you only get the games in HD-not the post game or pre-game UNLESS its on the...