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    RIP Michael Jackson -- Cardiac Arrest

    News from TMZ We've just learned Michael Jackson was taken by ambulance to a hospital in Los Angeles ... and we're told it was cardiac arrest and that paramedics administered CPR in the ambulance ... and it's looking bad. Michael Jackson -- Cardiac Arrest
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    Car Key Broke in Half

    5 minutes on site. What was the travel time and distance to get to the site?
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    Smart Car?'s Lindsay Campbell did a piece on the Smart Car yesterday. Smart Car at
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    Gas will NEVER be more then $9.99 a gallon.

    Back when gas prices exceeded 99 cents/gallon we had the same issue. Gas was dispenced in liters until pumps could be upgraded. I have read the the old mechanical gear driven pumps are failing. Can't spin that fast.
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    Scientists unearth Superman's "kryptonite"

    Here is some fascinating information about Kryptonite. It is interesting that its original purpose was to give radio series actor Bud Collyer, who played the role of Superman, a vacation. With Superman incapacitated by kryptonite...
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    Song Name Game...

    Bad Woman - Kool & The Gang Claydes Charles Smith, a co-founder and lead guitarist of the group Kool & the Gang, has died. He was 57.
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    Song Name Game...

    Love In The Junkyard (with Oscar The Grouch) - Sesame Street
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    Song Name Game...

    She Lives In A Time Of Her Own - 13th Floor Elevators
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    Song Name Game...

    Let's Have A Party - Frankie Yankovic
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    Song Name Game...

    a$$hole - Gene Simmons
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    Song Name Game...

    Singing In The Rain - Gene Kelly
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    Song Name Game...

    Atlantic City - The Band
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    Song Name Game...

    The Fool on the Hill - The Beatles
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    Song Name Game...

    Alice's Restaurant - Arlo Guthrie
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    Welcome New Members! (Please Say HI here!)

    Hi I joined awhile back when I was determining if I really wanted upgrade to the Vip622. The good information in these forums played a significant role in making the decision to upgrade. I really enjoy the receiver. Thanks for all the assistance.