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    Harmony Remote & Hopper 3

    Well at least they are aware of it, hopefully the update will come soon!
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    You can add it as a Dish Network Joey. You can also add it as a Hopper as well and it will work. You may have to enable IR remote control in the Joey settings (I forget the exact steps to do it, is likely in Remote settings or under the Diagnostics menu somewhere).
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    Harmony Remote & Hopper 3

    Just tried it in IR mode, and the Recall button works as expected. Also tried via the Dish anywhere app and it worked fine there as well. Seems to be a Logitech issue (maybe the wrong command for the Hopper 3), or maybe an issue with how the Hopper interprets IP commands from the Harmony hub.
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    Harmony Remote & Hopper 3

    Yeah, it worked fine on my HWS (also controlled over IP). Thinking it may just be a Carbon UI issue or maybe just a H3 bug. The Elite will do IP control to the H3 (I have to pair it to the Hopper, and it shows up under the Mobile Devices). I may try switching it over to IR and seeing if that...
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    Harmony Remote & Hopper 3

    Does anyone have a Harmony Elite (or other Hub-based Harmony) with a Hopper 3? Using the Power On -> Delay -> Power Toggle as Power Off has gotten the power off (really standby) feature to work, but I can't seem to get Recall to work. Works fine on my 40.0 remote on the Hopper 3, but using it...
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    New Wireless Joey Info!!!

    It may. The only thing I'd be worried about is the Wireless Joey client forcing encryption (like WPA/WPA2) but not knowing what key it's using. I haven't really looked much at the specs, but I would hope that Dish would encrypt the Wireless Joey network, otherwise you'll likely get people...
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    New Wireless Joey Info!!!

    I think Dish gave it its own access point so installers wouldn't be concerned with connecting it to existing customers' WiFi (I know several people who don't know their WiFi password or how to find it, and even some who have no WiFi), and this way it doesn't slow down the customer's WiFi network.
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    Dish Hopper with 2 Super Joeys - is it possible

    Any stations you can receive OTA you can record. It uses the tuner provided by the OTA adapter, so it doesn't take up any of your satellite tuners. You do have to make sure you select the OTA version (and not the satellite version) for it to use the OTA tuner to record. The OTA channels will...
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    Watch 722 DVR on a Distant TV?

    If she can watch on a computer, she could hook the computer up to a TV. Many computers have HDMI ports these days, but if it doesn't your TV may have a VGA port. Might be a pain changing channels and what not (I'm not sure how the sling interface works, I assume it basically gives you a...
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    Joey Optional on 2nd TV's?

    Yup, both the Hopper and Joey output to all outputs simultaneously. The Hopper has HDMI, Composite, and Component, and the Joey has HDMI and composite.
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    Hopper Swap - No Tech Install?

    Yes. He may or may not get a HWS.
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    It looks like Comcast has some Triple Play offerings around $125/month after the discounts the first couple years come off. The $200/month is likely an upgraded TV package, faster internet speed, etc. Not sure what you have now, but you can look into that and see what you can shave off to get...
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    New DISH Subscriber

    If the guide looks a bit empty and you just got set up within the last day or so with a Hopper, give it a few days to work itself out - the Hopper generally takes a few days to have the guide display properly and to download current information.
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    Hopper Apps not working and Disk Space percentages HWS

    Not sure about the apps, but can speak to the disk space issue. I don't use PTAT, but whenever I delete a normal recording it sits in the "Deleted Recordings" folder for a certain period of time (maybe a day or two? Never really checked how long it stays there). Once it is removed from that...
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    Channel change delay

    Slow for for me as well (usually around 5-10 seconds). I've got a Hopper w/ Sling.
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    Hopper wiring ??

    The Hoppers probably will need new cabling - they need cable and connectors rated at 3GHz. The Joeys should be able to use any type of RG-59 or RG-6 coax cable.
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    DirecTV vs Dish

    Do the receivers do any sort of processing on the video? I would imagine there's at least a little bit of processing done on some channels (upscaling) but not sure what else would be done, and not sure how much that would affect picture quality.
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    Best place to sign up for DISH?

    If you have a good local retailer near you, sign up through them. Also check around to see if any friends have Dish, since they can get $50 off their bill and you also get $50 off your first bill if you use on of their referral codes. I believe you can use the referral codes even if you go...
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    install tommorow

    If you have a wireless network password, make sure you have it before the tech comes (or can obtain it easily while the tech is there). The tech set up my Hopper to the internet, but I had a live ethernet cable already there for them (along with HDMI already connected to my AV receiver). I'm...
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    Joey Lease Question

    You can purchase your own, but you won't save any money. The only thing you gain is the ability to turn it off and on as you see fit and not have to return it (say, if you only want to use the Joey one week a month or something). With a leased one, if you deactivate it then you have to return...