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  1. duckydan

    What's Up With The Lack Of 3D Broadcasting

    I used common sense... As I mentioned I counted every announced 3D film and even removed the changes (such as Cabin in the Woods) which were initially released as 3D. At this same point in 2011 there was actually 1 less 3D release than this year; however as Hall pointed out the list is fairly...
  2. duckydan

    What's Up With The Lack Of 3D Broadcasting

    Based on a quick google and some box office searches there were 40 domestically released (there were a few overseas only films) 3d films in 2011. As of today there are 36 3D films for 2012, but there are also gaps in the theatrical release list that may or may not be in 3D.
  3. duckydan

    What's Up With The Lack Of 3D Broadcasting

    There is 3D on demand content from HBO / Starz available from cable providers. I'm not sure if E* has them though. I do agree a weekly 3D series would be nice.
  4. duckydan

    New dish customer Hate the User Interface

    I'm in the opposite boat... we switched from Dish to Verizon to save money on internet and I HATE the guide. Dish's guide is basic, but it got the job done and was laid out in a way that was not completely terrible. I go to the fios boards and every day tons of people are complaining about how...
  5. duckydan

    DISH Network Retailer Chat Recap - June 16, 2011

    Logitech's website is actually selling it for $199.
  6. duckydan

    Disney sues Dish again

    What I don't get is, assuming he is still paying them as a premium, why would they care? Without knowing the rates I'm assuming a premium channel such as Starz gets at least half of that $15 / month that E* would normally charge their customers and I'm also assuming that if they gave it to 14+...
  7. duckydan

    Team Summit

    My big question was asked a few times in this thread but it's regarding 3D channels... are they going to get any channels similar to n3D? Aside from Disney HD it's the one channel D* had that I would like to see on E*... some of the IMAX films on it were awesome.
  8. duckydan

    DISH Secures Long Term Cricket Rights

    DodgerKing means that if Dish were offered as a company in Europe and Asia where Cricket is popular it would make more sense. Offering it to US customers that subscribe to international packages (what we call international customers) isn't as profitable. Well at least that's what I think he...
  9. duckydan

    Dish HD vs Disney (DISH sort of won...)

    Then I'd have to hear that it looks horrible... I'd rather deal with a small youtube sized image and her complaining it looks small lol.
  10. duckydan

    Dish HD vs Disney (DISH sort of won...)

    I actually have heard my daughter complain about the picture not filling the screen. She doesn't realize it's because it's not in HD but she knows that when we had D* for 3 months her shows filled the screen up and now they are cut off on the top and sides.
  11. duckydan

    922 erasing recordings!

    I know this is an older thread but I had this happen to me this week in the middle of taping some shows. I had about 5% hard drive use (once I watch something I delete it) and for two days it told me my hard drive was 120% full even though it was empty and the few things I had on it...
  12. duckydan

    Everyone Else But DISH!!!

    By 1 game a week I meant 1 exclusive game per week. The rest of the games can be viewed via the RSN feed provided you get that feed. I'm not sure if MLB Net can be compared to the NFL Network though. NFL season is almost year round due to the way the draft is run and the fanfare leading...
  13. duckydan

    Everyone Else But DISH!!!

    Doesn't MLB network only air 1 game a week, if that, during the regular season? Almost all of the games are on RSNs or affiliated networks (which in my case leaves no option but Comcast, and they're not allowed within 20 feet of my house.) Before they go raising subscriber rates for a channel...
  14. duckydan

    Full signal and responsive receiver but no video

    I actually got it after rebooting twice. What was weird was I could hit "Guide" and view the guide on my screen, I could go into setup and run a full test and have video there, and I could watch a program on my DVR. Anything live however was nothing but a black screen. At first I thought it...
  15. duckydan

    Full signal and responsive receiver but no video

    I never had this happen before but in the middle of watching tv (did not matter if it was OTA or Satellite). The receiver was fully responsive and I could watch videos fro the DVR. I did a signal test and everything tested normal but still no video. Same with a diagnostic test and system info...
  16. duckydan

    Most Wanted HD Channels

    I want my Disney channels... I miss Phineas and Ferb in HD :(
  17. duckydan

    3D content ?

    I used to have 3D on D* and it really doesn't need HDMI 1.4. (In fact you can get a lot of less than reputable 720p 3D rips tp play on a device like a WDTV in side by side mode over HDMI 1.3.) As long as the cable speed is fast enough it is fine. I was running D* and a Samsung C6800 BDP using...
  18. duckydan

    Dish HD Like a bad Japanese Horror Movie?

    Shows being out of Sync with certain channels is pretty standard... especially Food Network and TNT. It seems one out of every handful of shows has that problem. I tried e-mailing food network about it since it's one of the major channels we watch and got a generic thank you email.
  19. duckydan

    Solar Tsunami to Strike Earth Tuesday Night

    Then if this is the afterlife I created for myself (a la Lost) then this is a pretty sh*tty purgatory that I'm online reading a message board instead of becomming a world trained hitman or billionaire.
  20. duckydan

    My Last Day With Dish

    whatchel, I didn't think so but there is a noticeable difference from the OTA to the HDMI1 that I setup myself earlier so I'm going to try to copy those settings as best I can and try to recover it myself that way... regardless the guy will be out this week to if nothing else say "good job" and...