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    anybody got $65,000 or $70,000 i can borrow? lol ;)

    Maybe we can go halves and just transport back and forth.
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    satellite equipment museum

    Wow, that's awesome. I had a few of these. Need to bookmark this site.
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    Newbie, Questions about C band

    1) Are you looking to do FTA, or do you want a 4DTV subscription? If you want FTA you will need an FTA receiver such as the Coolsat 6000 which you can get on ebay. 2) You should visit LyngSat - Lyngemark Satellite and have a look at the lineup. But you can do both C and Ku on the big dish with...
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    On a VBox6, is M1 or M2 positive?

    It's weird, on the Vbox 6 the M1 and M2 are different from my analog receiver. I first hooked up the Vbox 6 and looked out the window to find the dish clear on the other side of where it should have been.
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    Ku on a big BUD

    I have a 10' Winegard Quadstar with a BSC621-2. I receive C and Ku across the entire arc. Ku is usually lower quality, but I am able to pick up lots of TPs. I was considering putting up another BUD but was concerned about the depth of it for Ku. I asked about this in other threads, and...
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    She is starting to Sag!!!

    Awesome. Thanks for the specs. I am looking into making some of these legs. I can't find any originals, so this is the way to go.
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    She is starting to Sag!!!

    That would be great if you could post pics and dimensions for the legs. I would prefer to do a 4-point leg setup anyway.
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    Can I get ABC?

    I think the ABC feed on 99W is on C-band. 99W is both C-band and Ku-band. If you have a big dish (6 ft or bigger) then you can use a dual C and Ku LNBF such as the BSC621-2 made by DMSI to receive both C and Ku on the dish.
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    Can I get ABC?

    I believe 99W has ABC for free. I am sure other sats have ABC programming if you scan. I am not sure if 4DTV has ABC subs. Maybe someone with 4DTV can answer.
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    She is starting to Sag!!!

    Is there anywhere online where you can buy a new buttonhook center plate and back plate? Also, is there anywhere you can get the 4 leg setup for the Pinnacle, instead of using a buttonhook?
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    Center mount LNB vs 4-point mount???

    True. I think the hole is a little bigger than the scalar, but it should not make a difference at all. I think I will switch to the scalar off an Eagle Aspen I got. I don't think it came with the Eagle though, but it is a better scalar. The BSC621-2 scalar sucks. With the dish on the ground, I...
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    Center mount LNB vs 4-point mount???

    Great, thanks! Oh, really. I was thinking it had to be blocked off. So having it open won't create any signal loss?
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    Center mount LNB vs 4-point mount???

    Okay, thanks. I currently have a 10' Winegard with a 4-point mounting setup. I just got another 10' Winegard, but it has finer mesh. Actually little holes as opposed to the mesh I have now. But on the Winegard I just got, the center plate rusted out, so I need the plate that goes on the back...
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    Center mount LNB vs 4-point mount???

    Is there any significant difference between a center mounted LNB arm vs a 4-point mounting system? The center mounted seems to direct the LNB directly in the center, but I wondered if the mounting bar coming out the middle would have an affect on the signal.
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    V-BOX 6 or G Box V3000

    I think I may have changed my opinion on the Vbox, however, it might work fine with new HH motors. But the support seems non-existent. If it dies, then you are out. See
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    V-BOX 6 or G Box V3000

    The 3 digit vs 6 digit display is not a big deal to me for the way I use the VBox. I don't even have it in the same room as the receiver. I just set the dish limits and then use the Coolsat 6000 to store the sats and even fine move the dish. So to me the digits don't matter. Why do some prefer...
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    V-BOX 6 or G Box V3000

    I just purchased a VBox 6 and am very happy with it. Quality: The build quality is pretty solid. The wire clips for the motor and sensor wires are a little touchy, sort of like ones on the backs of speakers, but it is not a problem. The power cord is medium length, not super long if you need to...
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    Which direction do I go?

    I have a 10' mesh with an old analog receiver to move it. I use the BSC621-2 LNBF to receive both C and Ku. You just have to play with the distance and skew to find a happy medium to receive both. To start, any FTA receiver should be good. I got a cheap Coolsat 6000 off of ebay and that is...
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    How do I determin what my focal point is.

    Here are some links:
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    Skyvision / Paid Programming ??

    Good question. Don't want to spend the money, only to have it work a year or so. Are there any 4DTV paid programming alternatives, other than Dish or DirecTV? I saw something on SkyVision about a single satellite with the DSR-410. But this is still analog 4DTV right? So what are the other paid...