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    Coaxial from Satellite

    You can ground inside the house. I did that all the time when I was a DTV tech. Never had a QC problem
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    Ordering DirecTV - not for the faint of heart

    I stopped doing pre calls 2 months into the job. A lot of customers hated the pre call because when I put myself in route they got the robo call. AS for the Tech not reading the notes that's on him. I always read the notes plus I always confirmed the work order with the CX when I got to the CX house
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    What Causes Numerous Splitters to Fail ???

    I used to be a tech. I had a tough case one time where the cx was getting a lot of 775 issues. What fixed it was a new Lnb plus a new wire going from the lnb to that splitter. Most times techs don't want to change the wire from the lnb to the splitter
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    SWM on a Primestar dish

    Of course it will work. You can't dither the dish though
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    I believe everything but the H20.
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    Error on both tuners message

    Some transponders have to be at 84 or higher. You need to dither the dish to raise the signal strength
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    Have you ever requested any channels from DirecTV?

    WNLO comes in on HD in Buffalo
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    Roof...or a REALLY high pole???

    That is a scary pitch to do an installation on.
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    Multiswitch install conflict

    You need a SWM system to make the genie work. Be it SWM 8 13 or 16.
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    Multiswitch install conflict

    It will work if you or the tech has a SWM 13 lnb
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    Directv SWM Please Help!

    I hope you weren't working in Manassas dma because that's a bad dma
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    Genie upgrade to existing system

    I work in the buffalo dma. Sadly we don't have the SWM 13 lnb yet. The tech could of ran the extra 3 wires. But Couldn't trench because of the snow.
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    Very Strange Evening

    That's correct a faulty lnb can cause 775. But on the SWM 8 switch is the power inserter hooked up on the switch or is the PI behind your TV? Posted Via The FREE SatelliteGuys Reader App!
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    Guide on one channel not populating

    On my HD Combo the guide goes past Tuesday
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    Direct TV/At&t on hold

    You mean the 110 satellite. We use it for puerto rico
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    Programming RC32BB Remote

    Move the toggle switch to TV. Then hold down mute and select. Wait until the remote light flashes 2 times. Then press 9 9 1 then after it blinks Twice press 1 again. Then press channel up until the TV turns off. Then press select and it should be synched
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    Satellite Install help

    SL5 lnb will work with an HR44.,but only if you use it with a SWM 8 or SWM 16 with a 29 volt power inserter
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    Switched from Dish Hopper to DTV Genie - First Impressions

    I install DTV every day. Fios does have better PQ but not by much
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    Aiming issues

    The D10 has a working audio
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    SWM-13 LNB First Look

    I do not like to go from a SWM setup to a 4 line drop for upgrades