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  1. chicagofilms

    Question about OnDemand file sizes

    I just had my install today & am up and running. Everything's GREAT! It's like Comcast wasn't actually broadcasting in HD & quite surprising how much better the PQ is! I was wondering about the ondemand downloads though. 1. How big is an average 1080p movie? 2. Is there a way to...
  2. chicagofilms

    Thinking of switching.

    The prices look good. At least for the first year. Does anyone know if you can get directv with NO movie channels? I just want the networks, discovery, scifi, history and stuff like that. Also, what would it cost? The website only seems to let you choose packages with movie...
  3. chicagofilms

    Here come the lower BD prices...

    I keep forgetting that BD's victory meant the prices would go up & without HD-DVD there could never be lower prices. :rolleyes: Apparently, the studios forgot this too. Warner lowers Blu-ray pricing - 7/11/2008 - Video Business
  4. chicagofilms

    Target sale

    Just a heads up, Target has several titles on sale for $20. They only list a few in their ad, but a buddy stopped there yesterday & told me they had several titles, but ehre's a few he mentioned: Independence Day The Departed Predator Alien v. Predator Blood Diamond T2 T3 The Fifth Element -...
  5. chicagofilms

    Best Buy to Officially Recommend Blu-ray to Customers

    Not a good Monday for HD-DVD. First Netflix, now BB... - Best Buy to Officially Recommend Blu-ray to Customers Beginning in early March, retailer Best Buy will begin officially recommending Blu-ray as best choice for high definition movies to their customer base. Since the...
  6. chicagofilms

    Even more FUD....

    Saw this on my way to work today. :D
  7. chicagofilms

    Time to start looking ahead to this?

    I'd like to consider this something that will never actually come out, but knowing the crafty Japanese, this just might be thu not so distant future. 33 megapixel Super Hi-Vision (Ultra HDTV) could be on the air in 2015 - Engadget 1080p and QuadHD / 4K can take a step back, the Japanese...
  8. chicagofilms

    Blu-Ray's victory will bring higher software prices... (rolls eyes)

    Blu-ray for Only $14 Sale Like I've been saying, I think the overall price will drop soon and it is finally happening. Titles are now available for $14. Now before you say it's a bogo or 50% off deal to sway the market, look at the details. The discs list price is just $19.99 and Amazon's...
  9. chicagofilms

    HD-DVD May Win After All!

    Petition to keep HD DVD alive appears online - Engadget HD :D You know your in trouble when you have your own "Save..." online petition. These are always so effective.
  10. chicagofilms

    Will HD-DVD survive CES?

    With all the news & rumors floating around, it's possible that HD-DVD may not even survive CES. What do you think?
  11. chicagofilms

    The Porn industry has decided....Again

    PS3 owners demand porn, Digital Playground steps up to the plate - Engadget HD I always said the porn industry would be irrelevant in this format war. And now here's the proof.
  12. chicagofilms

    Paramount.....Well, you know...

    Paramount following Warner out the HD DVD door? - Engadget HD The Financial Times is reporting that Paramount is preparing to use a get out clause in its HD DVD exclusivity deal, and go back to Blu-ray, about 4 months after ending its dual-format release schedule. The move would be a result...
  13. chicagofilms

    Region coding....

    I finally got around to adding my Blu-Ray discs in DVD Profiler. (I can't believe I already own 20...) The thing that I noticed is that they are all region 0, in other words, region free. I have a pretty wide range of studios; Sony, Columbia, Lions Gate, Warners, MGM, and Disney. Are all...
  14. chicagofilms

    Happy New Year!

    Have a safe & happy one everybody!
  15. chicagofilms

    Vurbano's press conference

    :D Sorry man, I couldn't resist. I'm just messing with ya.
  16. chicagofilms

    New BB deal

    Buy 2 , get one deal this week. They have some nice titles too. Almost makes me wish I had an HD player. Batman Begins Transformers Blue Planet Inside Man Borne Ultimatum HP Order of the Phoenix Balls of Fury Stardust
  17. chicagofilms

    Prediction: Blu-ray blows away HD DVD

    From The Hollywood Reporter 2008 is the year Sony's Howard Stringer and the Blu-ray Disc will slay HD DVD as effectively as Joseph Turok dispenses with dinosaurs. If you're unfamiliar with that metaphor, you probably don't have a PlayStation 3. Every PS3 console sold in the U.S. comes...
  18. chicagofilms

    The Dark Knight... (with me!)

    Here's a link to the trailer... The Dark Knight I never thought I'd find myself, but I did! It was a really fun couple of days being an extra.
  19. chicagofilms

    Harry Potter BD box FUBAR... ANyone have issue with HD version?

    I'm not a fan so I didn't buy it and don't plan on it. I'm wondering if the HD-DVD versions are mixed up too. from the bits... One last quick note today - some readers who have purchased Warner's Harry Potter: Years 1-5 - Limited Edition Gift Set on Blu-ray Disc are reporting an unwelcome...
  20. chicagofilms

    MGM Mignight Movies...

    I was at BB today and they had a couple 5-packs for $40 on DVD. I love all these cheesy old flicks & was tempted to grab them, but since I have a player now I'd rather just buy/wait for them on BD. Has anyone heard if MGM is bringing the Midnight Movies series to BD?