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  1. bsakoff

    Thinking about switching to Direct.

    I have Dish now but they do not have local HD channels in the Charlottesville VA. area so I "moved" to Charlotte NC. which uses the same spot beam as Charlottesville and was able to pick up there HD locals. My problem with Dish is their signal strength is terrible here (30-50) at best. I am...
  2. bsakoff

    Question about adding another receiver.

    I just bought another HD TV and want to add another receiver so I can get HD on that TV. I currently only have a 622 running my two TV's. If I buy another HD receiver can I just un hook TV 2 and connect the new receiver to that connection? Also will I still be able to record 2 shows on my 622...
  3. bsakoff

    Is it harder to move on D* then E*

    Thinking of switching to D* but was wondering if it is as easy to "move" with D* as it is with E*?:confused:
  4. bsakoff

    Richmond VA. HD Locals

    Does anyone know if the Richmond Va. HD locals have been moved from 61.5 to 129 spot beam? If so would that beam reach Charlottesville VA?
  5. bsakoff

    Help needed!

    So I'm a mover and when they switched Atlanta's local hd to spot beam the other night I lost all my HD locals. So I "moved" again today to Richmond ( I live in Charlottesville VA.) and the locals come in but the HD locals do not. So I called Tech support and they told me the local HD channels...