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    My DirecTV... How does it decide?

    So I finally forced the new HD guide and have generally be happy with it. As someone who had an R10 DirecTivo back in the day (back in the day being until last year... I was slow to switch over to the HD DVR), one of the things I really missed when I lost the tivo was the suggestions, so I was...
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    Questions about the firmware upgrade/new GUI

    While waiting for the new GUI to roll out, I found myself wondering idly about firmware upgrades. Anyone know the answers to these questions? -Does it require a reboot after the upgrade is applied before it shows up? (it must, right?) -Will the systems reboot automatically? (again, I'm...
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    Anyone else in the Springfield (MA) DMA having this issue?

    One of my channels (WGGBDT2, Channel 6[fox] in Springfield MA DMA) has had the audio about a half second out of sync with video for quite a while (weeks/months) now. It affects DVR recordings as well as live. It happens on both of my receivers (an HR-24 and an H-24). I've tried a "red button...
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    HR24 play entire group - Change order?

    I love the "play entire group" function on the HR24, especially with the kid's shows. The only issue I have with it is it always starts from the oldest show. Since there are certain favorite episodes we're not allowed to delete, this means we're seeing the same Bubble Guppies over and over...
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    Now what do I do? Advice request for a wanna-be new Dish customer

    First, some background: I'm currently a DirecTV customer and have been for something like 14 years. In this past year my 6+ year old DirecTivo (R10) has been acting up and I started shopping around for a replacement. Since DirecTV doesn't seem to want to give me any sort of a package to keep me...