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  1. silentgarth

    Signal Problem

    Anybody else having siganl issues right now ( 8:30 PM ). Mine keeps flashing back and forth very fast. Saying its having signal loss.
  2. silentgarth

    Need advice on Fantasy football lineup

    Cant decide on which QB to start. Ben Rothlisberger or Peyton Manning Ben is playing Houston in Pitt. Peyton is coming off the injury, and in his new home. What do you think?
  3. silentgarth

    Strange box at door today.

    Came home for lunch and found a dish network box by my front door. Hmm. Went to pick it up and it weighed nothing. So I open it up and there is some foam packing a UPS label and a note saying I need to return my old LNBF . Thought that was strange, since the installer took everything with him...
  4. silentgarth

    Ethernet hookup?

    I have a question regarding VOD. As of right now my main phone line is acting up ( need to put call in to AT&T). What do I need to do to hook an ethernet cable to the back of my VIP722 so I can use the VOD feature? I have tried taking the cable out of the back of my computer and pluging it...
  5. silentgarth

    Need Advice on OTA Antenna

    I am getting E* on Monday (18th)( HD package) I would like to hook a antenna to it to get my locals in HD. I have read just about every post in this section and would like some ideas. My zip code is 46060. According to TvFool the farthest tower from me that I care to get is ~17miles. And the...
  6. silentgarth

    Install Question

    I have an install date set for Monday the 18th. I am upgrading my current programming to HD. I am keeping the Americas Top 250 and picking up the Gold HD package, With the VIP 722. My question has to do with the cable runs. Somebody told me that the signal that will go to my second TV is...
  7. silentgarth

    Another TurboHD ??

    The wife told me I can call and find out about the cost of going HD:clap . My question is I have the top 250 right now ( in SD), will I just ask to have the GOLD package add to my line up? OR should I go about it a different way? Also, do I ask for the Vip722 DVR or will it come with the gold pkg?
  8. silentgarth

    Noob with ??'s

    Went to TVfool and put in my zip ( 46060) . The stations I want to get are 6 -wrtv, 8 -wish, 13 -wthr, 59 -wxin. The farthest is about 17miles. These are all local Indianapolis stations. I have been looking at either the Philips mant940 or the mant950. I can get both from the place I work. The...