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    PPV recording question

    Last night I tried to order a PPV rugby match using my remote, but because we aren't hooked up to a phone line or the internet, it didn't actually show up on my account (I phoned D* to verify). So I cancelled that order using the remote and it shows up as cancelled in my Purchases list...
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    PPV and phone line

    We're new subscribers to D* as of about ten days ago. We have two HD DVRs - I think they're HR-24 (?). They are not connected to a phone line, and as far as I know they're not connected to an internet connection either. We want to record some of the Rugby World Cup matches, which are PPV. I...
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    Rugby World Cup - how to get a PPV package added?

    As you can tell from my screen name, I'm a rugby fan. I switched to DirecTV this week for the purpose of watching the Rugby World Cup, which starts next week. I was told when I signed up that DirecTV would offer the entire tournament as a PPV package deal. Now that my system is set up, I find...
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    2 DVRs, can't watch/record more than two shows at a time

    Okay, something seems to be wrong. I just got my system installed today. I've got 2 DVRs going into my one TV. That means I should be able to watch/record two shows per each for a total of four at a time, right? So I'm working on programming my remotes and am switching back and forth between...
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    Two DVRs - my remote operates both at the same time

    Just got my DirecTV set up today. I ordered two HD DVRs so I can record more than two shows at once. (We had Uverse before and I got spoiled because we could record three or four at the same time.) We only have one TV. Both DVRs are plugged into the one TV - one with HDMI and one with the red...
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    Recording a series - how to specify which shows

    Just got my DirecTV installed today. I've been trying to set up some of my recordings. A few of the shows I want to record air again multiple times throughout the next day or week. On Uverse (my former TV provider) I could record a series but specify that it record "on or about [X time]". That...
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    New subscriber - My Programming Guide only goes 2 days

    Just had my DirecTV installed today. I saved a list of everything we had set up to record on our old Uverse system. I want to set up the recordings on the D* system and would like to do it all at once so I don't have to do it later. But I'm finding that the Programming Guide only goes out two...
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    Phone line required?

    Do you still have to be connected to a landline phone line with DirecTV? Ordering new service and not sure what the status is with that. The D* website made it sound like you had to be connected to take advantage of certain things, but that it wasn't required. Thanks.
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    Latest and greatest DVR?

    As I'm going to be ordering DirecTV, I want to make sure I'm getting the latest and greatest DVR. I do want HD and I want as much space as I can possibly have. Is there a specific DVR model I should request? Right now I've got Uverse and we can record three HD channels at the same time...
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    Internet service through DirecTV?

    We are going to be switching to DirecTV and leaving ATT Uverse. That means our internet service, which is with Uverse, may need to be changed. I see on DirecTV's website that they partner with various people to provide high speed internet service and offer a bundling discount. Can anyone tell me...
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    Potential new customer - is this typical?

    We'd like to get DirecTV because it seems to be the only provider that is offering both Universal Sports for the upcoming Rugby World Cup AND Fox Soccer Plus to watch matches the rest of the year. So I called them and they wanted my Social Security Number to run a credit check to see if I...
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    Horrible installation experience - and it isn't even installed yet

    I ordered Dish Network over the phone last week. Arranged for installation today between 8 a.m. and noon. Received recorded phone message on Saturday evening confirming installation for today. By 10:30 a.m. and no sign of the Dish guys, I figured something was up. I started calling the Dish...