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  1. ediemash

    new hd in tampa bay area

    talk to woman this morning about my bill and through the conversation, she told me on the 18th they are letting out a bunch of hd channels and another wave of channels later in the month and one of the channels will be epix hd. some of the hd channels coming ifc hd, cartoon net hd, dx hd, id...
  2. ediemash

    movie plex on tampa bay bh

    we had movie plex on ch62, and it has disappeared. i believe it was the only movie channel on the basic package, does anyone know when or why it was moved
  3. ediemash

    epix hd

    has anyone heard if bright house will be picking up epix hd, it looks like it could be an awesome channel, i like the fact you can get it on cable or your pc, i seen verizon has picked them up, i heard it was a channel for cable, and it suppose to be in a basic hd pak.
  4. ediemash

    hd channels

    i noticed most other providers have alot more hd channels than bh, will bh ever catch up. direct tv and dish net definitely has more i think its cox cable or some cable company that starts with a c has voom channels and mgm hd. and i see bright house is really slacking in this department, they...
  5. ediemash


    anyone know if theres any chance bright house customers will get the rfd channel or the rfd hd channel, i know little dish has it and also big dish has it and also on fta. seems like cable is the only one who doesnt have this channel. for anyone who doesnt know what rfd is its an ag channel also...
  6. ediemash

    polaroid 01601a

    has anyone bought one of these. i bought one my only concern is that the fan doesnt run as of yet called polaroid up and they say thats normal but i know their previous model ran constantly and i dont want anything over heat. so i f anyone has any experience with this model please let me know...
  7. ediemash

    why would you want dishdvr advanatage

    someone correct me if im wrong the at250 is $52.99 with hd it is $20 extra with a total of $72.99, am i correct on this.i asked for no dishdvr advantage and now they have the programming broke down in 2 parts. dish dvr advantage is 49.99 and dishhd with 2 premium package (which they is my...
  8. ediemash

    622 record on tv1 or tv2

    is there a way to switch the recording from tv2 to tv1, like for example red green show comes on at 5:30 and it automatically went for it to record on tv2, but that would interupt the kids cartoons, is there a way i can switch it to record on tv1 instead.
  9. ediemash

    YPbPr or rgb

    on my 4dtv they have a setting for YPBPr or rgb. does anyone know the difference and which one would be compatible with the 622?
  10. ediemash

    what should i do

    i had dish a couple years ago, but i wanted to get it again so i went to the dish builder and ordered the 250 plus locals and hd pack, with dvr on 2 tvs ( all i need is one receiver) with no commitment. i received an email from them: DISH 500 DISH PLAYER DVR 625, DUAL TUNER RECEIVER...
  11. ediemash

    hd vs sd

    is hd all that which everyone claims. what is the difference ive heard you are suppose to have an almost 3d effect, i had cable for a while and had the hd i was not impressed, actually upgrading from sd receiver to the hd receiver actually made the picture on all channels a little fuzzier , i...
  12. ediemash

    no commitment

    what is the difference between no commitment and no contract, i tried to talking to a rep at dish. my neighbor was interested in getting service and was wondering what the costs would be if there wasnt a contract. in the dish builder it talks about no commitment, i ask the woman if it was the...
  13. ediemash

    old member 942

    has anyone who is a regular customer bought the 942 lately. i was told it would be $499, that being a customer already you could not lease it you had to buy it out right and they told me it would be $499 does anyone if this true. it seems every time you call they tell you a different story...
  14. ediemash

    dish installer gave me the scoop about hd

    got my 2nd installed today, installer told me he just got back from dish convention in tennessee and they told them that everyone in getting new hd receivers, everyone is going hd, starting immediately and suppose to be through by next year at no cost to us, not 1 dime, freeeeee. and in next...
  15. ediemash

    do you need to be new cust to get 942

    do you have to a new customer in order to lease the 942 at $250. i call dish sat they told me it would cost $250 for the 942 and $100 for 2nd dish, but i believe since i have some locals on 61.5 that $100 would be waived and this gal says no on that too. does anyone know if any of that is...