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    OTA module troubles

    Hi. I have a hopper with sling with an ota module, which I got back in march. It's worked fine up until now. Every day my ota channels disappear from the guide. I unplug the module and plug it back in then restart the hopper. The ota channels come back and it's fine the rest of the night but the...
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    DISH Reaches Long Term Agreement with DISNEY / ESPN / ABC

    With a new Star Wars animated series coming and likely to be on DisneyXD, I seriously hope we get those HD channels back. Otherwise, I won't be watching and will wait for the Blu-Ray.
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    New hopper install sling does not work

    I am also having exactly the same issue. I have a Hopper with Sling. Getting "SlingPlayer has crashed" error message when it's trying to play a recording or live TV from the Hopper. Using the latest versions of FF, Chrome, and IE -- no luck.
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    "moving" question in Indy

    Hi everyone. I live in Indy, and recently lost WTHR. I've thought about "moving" to Terre Haute in order to get their locals, but I'd actually rather "move" to Dayton so that I can watch Bengals games. (I'm originally from there :).) I'm not sure if I'm in the spotbeam for that, though...
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    Hopper Upgrades

    I'm interested in upgrading to a hopper and 3 joeys from a 722 and 622. We're building a new house, which should be done in Feb 2013, which is when we'd upgrade. But I need to figure out the pre-wire for satellite TV now so I can have the wiring correct for the install after we close. Thx.
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    11/17/2010 3:03pm - Uplink Activity Report - 218 changes

    WTTV is available. I live in Indy, and I have it in both SD and HD.
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    Excellent Dish repair experience

    I thought that, too, but I guess I was more impressed with the fact that the guy at the other shop was willing to meet the guy halfway to deliver the part to shorten the repair time. Anyway, wasn't a big deal, and still a positive experience.
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    Excellent Dish repair experience

    No, I have the maintenance plan. They said it would be $15 for the call.
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    Excellent Dish repair experience

    Last night, I called Dish tech support because I wasn't getting 119. After a few obligatory tests, they scheduled someone to come out first thing this morning. The repair guy (David) arrived at 8:15 and within 15 minutes diagnosed a bad port on one of the LNBs. He didn't have the part with him...
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    Enter to Win: Sponsors Super Satellite Sampler System - Contest Ends 2.28.2010

    This is a fantastic contest! Thanks for offering a great prize! The reason I'm interested in FTA is mainly for the international programming. I currently have Dish, and I subscribe to the Chinese language package for my wife and her parents. Her parents live with us because of various medical...
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    What are the missing channels?

    Do Turbo HD subs get the standard def versions of the HD channels, too? I think my dad does (he's in Turbo HD Silver). If so, maybe Dish is counting those.
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    3/25/2009 1:34pm - Uplink Activity Report - 55 changes

    I'm sure they'll launch the new channels. But they'll just be slides that say, "April Fools!" And they'll be stretched, not 16x9. :D
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    3/11/2009 12:24pm - Uplink Activity Report - 90 changes

    Yay, Indy locals (most of them). Also, WTTV (the CW affiliate here) is uplinked.
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    Is is possible to have 2 sets of locals

    I had two sets of locals for a while. I "moved" to Denver to get HD locals, but the csr never removed Indy locals. So I had both for a year or so. Then, recently, Denver went spotbeam, so I called them to remove Denver from my package. It was no big deal; actually, they apologized for the...
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    Indy HD locals tomorrow

    I'd like to know where the info is coming from, as well. If it's from an installer, in my experience, they're not always the best source of up to date info. A few years ago, when I had an installer set me up with HD from Dish, he told me Indy HD locals were coming within a month. Well, three...
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    upgrading to HD, but not really

    Thanks for the help and advice! I should do a test first (duh, why didn't I think of that! :))
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    upgrading to HD, but not really

    I currently have a 622 and a 522, with the Classic Bronze HD package, plus the Platinum HD package (I think that's what they're called now). The 522 is serving two standard def TVs, and the 622 is serving an HDTV and standard def TV. Anyway, I'm looking to save some money on programming and...
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    2/5/2009 2:12am Uplink Activity Report - 92 changes

    So much for my "move" to Denver. With Indy HD locals not coming until March (so they say), I have to live on just OTA. No recording two HD network programs at the same time for a little while. Oh well.
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    1/28/2009 4:47pm Uplink Activity Report - 85 changes

    I "moved" to Denver, too, so I'll lose those, but my Indy HD locals were already uplinked, so no problem -- as long as the changes happen at the same time. :) My dad will be happy with Dayton HD locals!
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    DISH Network and EchoStar Statement Regarding TiVo & NFL. Go Legal Team!

    But couldn't Dish sue Tivo to get the money back? I wouldn't be surprised if they did. And if Dish won, might they not also be entitled to additional payments, like court costs, lawyer fees, etc.