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    Signal strength issue - 1000.4 EA

    Well, after fiddling around the last two weeks and not getting ahead, it's time to ask the pro. Previously, I had a Dish 500 (110/119) and a wing dish at 61.5. Everything had been going fine for years, hardly loosing signal even during bad weather. Was asked by DishNetwork to switch my wing to...
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    VIP722 UHF remote.

    Hi guys, Well the more I read, the more I get confused, I know .... it doesn't take much to get me confused. Question, got a VIP722, been using a 5.3 IR to control TV 1 but now I need to go to UHF to control TV 1. Can the receiver/TV 1 be made to received UHF from the remote, if...
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    Relocating from 61.5° to 129° question.

    First, English not being my first language, I hope this can be easily understandable. First post here and need some info. My equipment, Dish 500 at 110° & 119° and a second dish at 61.5° for HD content. I’m in upper state N.Y. Few days ago, got a call from a Dishnetwork C.S. saying that I need...