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  1. uhf

    Maximum coax length

    I have a tree that is just barely in the LOS for western arc if we place the dish on my roof. And that tree is growing like a weed, so even though signal is "good" today, there will be problems with it soon. Previously Dish had mounted a 1000.2 in the location, and the tree did cause an...
  2. uhf

    Owned vs leased recievers

    I currently have an owned DVR508 on my account, but I need to move to Eastern Arc due to LOS issues, I simply can't see 129 from my property and 61.5 isn't carrying some of the newer channels. If I switch to leasing a DVR625, will my bill increase? I think they are now charging the same...
  3. uhf

    Remote code for Emerson LC320EMXF

    Picked up a 32" Emerson LCD at Wallyworld on Black Friday, model# LC320EMXF. Just got around to trying to program a 6.3 remote to control this set. None of the codes I tried have worked. Does anyone know of a remote code for this set?
  4. uhf

    VIP 722 OTA issues - Cedar Rapids IA

    We're getting lots of reports of issues with one of the local DT stations in our market. KCRG-DT has no 9.1 subchannel, it shows a signal strength of 0 on the meter, but 9.2 works fine. The chief engineer has triple checked his signal and can find no issues at all with PSIP, etc. The only...
  5. uhf

    HD Essentials - Includes ScienceHD or not?

    The Dish website indicates that if I have the Dish HD Essentials package with AT250 I will receive ScienceHD and NatGeoHD, but I do not. Dish Network says those channels are only in the $20 HD Package. I've contacted the executive resolution department several times and they are not budging...
  6. uhf

    Installer took my LNB's

    Just did the Dish N It Up and the install was yesterday. I previously owned all of my equipment. The installer put in a 1000.2 Dish and left the Dish500 reflector, and the SW64, but he took both of my legacy LNB's. He never mentioned that he was taking them. When I noticed they were gone...
  7. uhf

    HBO + Playboy

    Right now I have HBO and Playboy in a movie value pack for $20. Will Playboy be included in the new $22 two movie package, or will my price suddenly jump $10 a month ($14.99 for HBO plus $14.99 for Playboy)?