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    Gospel Lands DirecTV Slot

    Just because YOU don't want this channel doesn't mean it's a waste of bandwidth for someone else who's waiting for this channel to come. HD channel location and SD channel location are different so adding this channel is irrelevant to the other satellite (99 or 103) that HD channels would come...
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    YES Network to feature Interactive Content

    This is late by two days but I figured it's worth posting. For those in the NY DMA that can get the YES Network with your Total Choice and higher subscription, you can get interactive features throughout a live Yankees game with a DirecTV interactive receiver (D10-100, -200, or -300), D11...
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    Direct Tv International programming Question.

    This is what I can tell you about RTR Planeta: RTR Planeta is designed for Russians living abroad, combining the best of two TV channels - "Rossiya" and "Kultura," the Radio Stations "Radio of Russia" and "Mayak," the news agency RIA, and 89 regional TV channels...
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    Rumor: DirecTV No Risk Program

    Right now, no, they don't have such a trial program. But this thread was about a possible future program that D* will launch soon. Right now, you can't cancel without penalty the very second after you activate. But when this new promo hits, you'll have 30 days to evaluate. So if you haven't...
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    AT9 Breaks!!!

    The AT9 is a pretty solid unit. I'm surprised a part of it broke. Good thing the warranty will cover it though I'm baffled as to how it could've broke. A dish doesn't fall apart even with rust. We have customers with 4-year or older dishes that's slightly rusted but doesn't rust to the point...
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    KoreanDirect launches today on DirecTV

    Today, DirecTV has launched a new package called KoreanDirect and a new a-la-carte channel called CTS. If you came from this thread, welcome. I started this thread to talk about the new Korean programming available on DirecTV. Previous discussion on Korean programming on DISH and DirecTV were...
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    Rumor: DirecTV No Risk Program

    I believe customers have 30 days to try out DirecTV without having to pay cancellation fees. You do have to pay for the programming you've watched in the 30 days, however. Certain packages qualify. International programming customers do not qualify in this promotion.
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    DIRECTV Price Increase 3/1/06???

    We got the price increase fax as well. This is official as the format follows the other notices we've gotten lately.
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    DIRECTV Price Increase 3/1/06???

    We'll chim in tomorrow when we get the fax. I'm sure this Fax was part of a bigger fax that was not published due to retailer-sensitive info. They usually don't send just the FAQ's.
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    new customer with R15 wants 95W only

    The biggest problem we're having with 95 is only the Zinwell 4x4 switches our distributor has supplied us. I hope you have a good meter as 95 is pretty hard to grab by one person.
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    switch for 95

    4x4 or 6x8
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    MPEG 4 upgrade issues

    Someone told me (though only one person so far) that the H20 reports lower signals than other receivers. So look into whether your other receivers are detecting the same signals and whether your entire house has a consistent level of signal room to room.
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    Channel One Russia appearing on our DirecTV receiver

    Hey guys. I wanted to let you guys know that Channel One Russia channel that was on DISH is now on DirecTV. The channel is: Ch. 2140 on 95 satellite.
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    Static In Rupert's Satellite Dreams

    Why isn't this article addressing the other future of pay TV: HD. In many areas, cable companies have a long way to go before they can add a bunch of new HD channels. Only viable players for many new national HD channels carriage are D*, E*, Verizon FIOS, and maybe few of the cable systems...
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    Got elliptical dish, triple LNB holder and some zip tie - 119,110,91 & 82 ??

    You might want to ask in the DirecTV forum for better answers.
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    Anybody have weekly uplink info for DirecTV?

    Can anybody get uplink activity for DirecTV like people can for DISH now? DISH weekly uplink activity is like the following thread: .
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    Newchannels in November

    That's true. There's not many new channels out there. So to get the newer channels, you definitely want to go HD because that's where the broadcasters have to be anyway in 5-10 years time or no one will watch them then. So go HD and enjoy the newfound viewing experience. HD-ready is what...
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    DirecTV MPEG4 Rollout to begin

    Our installers try to do that but when the silicone and the leg become one (from age) and is likely to pull shingles off, we leave that leg alone. The benefit of a cleaner roof NEVER outweighs a damaged roof any day. :)
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    International 95 Satellite, which Multi-switch

    Since you have an elliptical dish AND 95, you need a 6x8. If you give up the elliptical and go with 101 and 95, then a 4x4 or 4x8.
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    International 95 programming and Sony HD300

    To see 95, your receiver must have Advanced Program Guide. If the receiver has it (I don't know 'cuz I didn't even know that Sony made HD receivers for D*) then you just need to run "Auto detect".