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    Nfusion Nova + Blind scan

    Bought a Nfusion Nova for $25 thinking it had Blind scan, seen adds saying that it has Blind Scan but can only find TP scan, anyone know if this receiver has blind scan/power scan, bought it thinking it had, but can't seem to find it. Thanks
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    KU polar mount on the cheap (wood)

    Heres one for a laugh if nothing else, I recycled an old dresser into a polar mount for my 1.2 meter, took yesterday and today to get the angles right but it works and no more hand moving, goes from 70W to 111W all i can see where its located, was my stand for the dish till i made one from a old...
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    AMC 9 ? for anyone in NFLD

    Was wondering if anyone has found 83 sat in NFLD yet and what size dish you are using, checked the RTV site and it says for US, so was wondering if anyone has hit it, I have a 1.2 meter dish few fta receivers,few linear lnb's, tried all the active tp's listed around the net and no luck no...
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    ? about analog signals

    Was wondering if i can see any analog channels with either VisionPlus Starbox usb, Viewsat ultra, or Fortec Star Lifetime Classic receiver, can see sats from about 72w to 111.1w, not looking for the feeds just how it can be done if at all, also using My Theatre and ProgDVB with Starbox, any...
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    Star trak 400

    Picked up an old Star Trek 400 receiver that has c band sats programed into it and was wondering if it still can be used for anything other than moving a bud. On front of receiver it has Videociper RS videopal Order recorder. any info would be good Thanks.
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    Can find fta sats

    Can't find fta sats First like to say hello to everyone as this is my first post here, I been trying to get some FTA channels ( for a couple weeks now) or signal and cant seem to find anything. i have a viewsat ultra, 1.2 meter non skew able dish, sf-95c+ sat finder, standard single lnbf...