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  1. Bob R

    HBO Signature.."Un-recordable Channel"

    My Buddy Barney posted this for me. ;) It turns out that a few days later all was well. I think it was the Pioneer Echo software providing a temporary glitch in the system. Nothing more to see here folks, move along. :D
  2. Bob R

    Welcome New Members! (Please Say HI here!)

    Not me Ilya, I'm just a working schmuck. But, Tomorrow is "King Kong" at the theater, and Pats vs Jags on HDTV at night. Does that count? :D
  3. Bob R

    Welcome New Members! (Please Say HI here!)

    Howdy !! Hi Folks: I'm a new Mod over at the S&V forums and a great friend of your newly appointed "Proud Staff Member" Barney. I hope to post a little, and learn a lot. There is great bunch of folks with a lot of knowledge here. So, what's the difference between a TV and a monitor...