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    How do I unsubscibe to Sling?

    Roku and sling make it real easy to add the subscription. How do I save myself 19.99 per month by removing? I do not see any previous walking episodes available so it is not worth it. Did I miss something?
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    Sling TV Adds AMC, IFC and new Movie Based Pack with Epix.

    I looked everywhere, this quote comes closet to answering the question "is AMC a live broadcast stream, on-demand streaming or both?" Do I need to be in front of my tv on Sunday night for WD/TD?
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    ATSC receiver...

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    ATSC receiver...

    I have 46" ntsc TV using an atsc RCA converter and want to change to an atsc converter with HDMI. This is what I found---> iView HD DVR Receiver/Converter Box for TV Antenna QAM (3500STB) Other than this one, are there better ones? QDRV
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    Does STL have a new channel? Justice, 35.3

    STL KSDK5 is 35. It is on now. Just no guide on Roamio. QDRV
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    Does STL have a new channel? Justice, 35.3

    I have to be nice. The other channel is Revn (revving) TV. Should be fun. It is just on a mixture transmit!
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    Does STL have a new channel? Justice, 35.3

    It appears that Justice lit up today in STL. And something else. I had 28 now I have 30 channels! I wonder what it is? Oh good, another shopping channel! Are you jealous?
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    Why don't Fox and others jump on the local transmits and count on the advertising that Fox News and Fox Sports, for example, would yield. Why do we have to go to Dish or Direct or Cable for these channels? I know there are reasons but I can't find a good source for the reasons or laws. I...
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    What is(are) the benefits of the TiVo Mini?

    I have two Roamios and they can "see" each other, you know, programs and movies. I am just using OTA wired to many rooms. I want to add a room so I am thinking another Roamio would do the same thing as a Mini at 1/3 the price. What am I missing?
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    Node laying on ground

    At least the GROUND is grounded! Or is it aired? Looks like a cable conversion.
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    A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Hopper...

    It is likely that one of the Satellite feed stingers was too short or had a flake of braiding shorting the line and it fell out when jostled. Either of these situations would interfere with band stacking for hopper two or both. Most times when swapping wires fixes a problem, the f-connector is...
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    Nice rom for you rooted S3 users

    I just moved into the 21st century with the acquisition of my first smartphone, a sprint s3. I am having a lot of fun with it but now you have me curious. The terminology on the Goodness page is pretty much jibberish to this smartphone FNG. Could you give a brief description of the bennies of...
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    Cardinals/Reds Game in SD tonight, why?

    Kenny is right. KMOX 1120 moved the Blues to Y98 because of the conflict. It really is not personal at you _numb or bandwidth. It is just bidness AKA advertising revenue.
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    Sorry to bother you but...

    My incompetence. I changed my password last time they worked on my account. Forehead slap, doh.
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    Sorry to bother you but...

    Just tried on my phone using the SG app. No joy.
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    Sorry to bother you but...

    Have not. But it is affecting my Deskbrick and my netbook.
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    Sorry to bother you but...

    I previously had an issue with being logged out. Whatever was done fixes FF but my IE won't even log me in at all. I deleted cookies using the Tools/Internet options/General/Delete browsing history/Delete cookies. I am a victim of Vista using both IE9 and FF. :confused: Why does FF behave...
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    Tile pictures in PTAT. I looked for the answer, however...

    I thought I saw a thread on this one day, a long time ago. BUT I have a day old Hopper install. The PTAT screen does not have icon pictures for the recorded shows. This is forcing me to read instead of just looking at(for) a picture! Does this clear up after time? Not the reading part...
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    Login timeout.

    Scott: Whatever you did fixed my account. I was away for three weeks and when I came back to the site yesterday, I was still logged on. And I was still I logged in today. Now, can you do something about my Vista machine? Sorry to reopen this thread. I wanted to thank you.
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    Dish installer damaged my roof!

    I was/am mad about something else. I should not have posted. Peace. And I hope you get it worked out.