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  1. goreds2

    Cannot Get Surround Sound To Perform On New HD TV

    I have the basic surround sound system with the Red and White cord. I cannot get it to play on my new HD TV. Panasonic VIERA TC-P50G25 50-Inch 1080p Plasma HDTV: Electronics@@AMEPARAM@@ I have the...
  2. goreds2

    I Finally Pulled The Trigger For An HD TV

    I got it at HHGregg. They wanted $1241 but I negotiated down to $1169. It was on sale to begin with. It is set up and looks great. Thanks for everyones advice through this procedure. I did NOT get the warranty. ($279 for 3 years / $379 for 4 years - ) The factory warranty is 1 year...
  3. goreds2

    Who Has The Best Deal For A Basic Wii Console?

    I am just wanting it for the included games of bowling and Tennis. Just wondering who may have the best price for this at the moment. Thanks, :up
  4. goreds2

    TW To Add More HD Channels In The Columbus Ohio Area

    I received a flyer yesterday saying Time Warner is to eventually add 100 HD channels in my area starting March (I think) 16th. I don't have the flyer with me at the moment. Some of the channels are MLB network and ESPN News which I am very happy about. I am "assumming" no price increase. :angel:
  5. goreds2

    Buying A New TV: Purchase The In-Store Warranty?

    Buying a new TV within the next week or three. I was just wanting opinions regarding warranty concerning buying Plasma, LCD or LED. I am leaning toward plasma. From what I have seen, Walmart offers a two year warranty Best Buy a four year warranty HH Gregg a five year warranty Should I...
  6. goreds2

    Can You Negotiate Price At HH Gregg?

    I am looking for a TV and have heard you can negotiate somewhat at HH Gregg. Is this true? If so, has anyone experienced this? Describe it. Thanks,
  7. goreds2

    XM Radio Major League Baseball Schedule

    Starts this week! I hope SIRIUS does eventually get the play by play Can we make this thread a STICKY for quick reference during the season? XM Satellite Radio - America's #1 Satellite Radio Service
  8. goreds2

    Direct TV Hounding At Best Buy

    I went to Best Buy Tuesday to look at some TV's. All I had was a Direct TV consultant bugging me the entire time trying to sell me a package. I kept trying to tell them they do not have FoxSportsNet for the Reds games so I am not interested. They still kept hounding me and I just departed...
  9. goreds2

    Artist Confidential: Cheap Trick 1/28/10

    I heard about this on Mad Dog Radio tonight...... Artist Confidential: Cheap Trick XM49 SIRIUS 15 Thurs 1/28 2:00 pm ET Catch a live broadcast of Cheap Trick, live from New York City, for the latest episode of Artist Confidential, hosted by Lou Brutus. If you miss the live broadcast, catch...