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  1. Phil T

    Introducing the Tablo ATSC 3.0 QUAD HDMI – A Tablo DVR for NextGen TV

    I have been using Evoca for about a month now. From what I can tell they do not have an agreement with any stations in Denver yet but deliver their channels and our regional sports channels via IPTV. In Denver they are charging $25 a month and $5 for the receiver. Price is guaranteed for 2 years.
  2. Phil T

    Reasons to Buy an ATSC 3.0 NextGen TV Tuner Now

    Here are a couple photos of the guide, receiver and menu. There are several apps included but not Netflix, Amazon or You Tube. Nasa is nice. Guide is included and goes out for a week.
  3. Phil T

    Reasons to Buy an ATSC 3.0 NextGen TV Tuner Now

    The thing is that $25.00 a month is a big discount from Comcast or DirecTV to get our regional sports networks. Comcast and Altitude (Nuggets and Avalanche) have been fighting and blacked out for for three years. Only way to get them was DirecTV. Same with AT&T Rocky Mountain (Colorado Rockies)...
  4. Phil T

    Reasons to Buy an ATSC 3.0 NextGen TV Tuner Now

    I got Evoca two weeks ago and really like it. $30.00 a month including Scout receiver, guaranteed for 2 years. I get all my locals OTA via antenna ATSC 1.0 and 4 channels ATSC 3.0. Also my regional sports channels (AT&T Rocky Mountain and Altitude), NFL network and Weather...
  5. Phil T

    What is the most sensitive tuner available?

    Friday I hooked up my Evoca Scout. The smart, simple way to watch TV! It is not available in many markets yet but works great for me. In Denver and Colorado Springs they carry Altitude and AT&T Rocky Mountain (Avalanche, Nuggets and Rockies). This was the only way I could find to get Rockies...
  6. Phil T

    ATSC 3.0 and competing freqs.

    Do you mean you just can't take 300 ohm twin leads and connect them together with wire nuts like I did in the 60's? :) Or you can get a rotor?
  7. Phil T

    Bring back AM stereo CQUAM

    Is AM Stereo different than AM HD? I currently have two radios that can tune AM HD. The one in my 2018 Nissan Murano and a Sangean HDR 18 table radio. There is really only one station in the Denver area I care to listen to which is KLVZ 810 (Crawford Broadcasting) a Legends (60's and 70's)...
  8. Phil T

    ExpressVu satellite back in 1998?

    I watched a lot of programming in the clear off Nimiq 1 with a Dish 3000 receiver and regular LNB. I remember CTV out of Halifax being one of the channels in the clear. I believe the 3000 was not activated at the time because I had upgraded to a Dishplayer and later a 301 DVR. The signal...
  9. Phil T

    Dropping DTV soon, do they want the boxes back?

    It's a crapshoot. When I cancelled all they wanted back was 2-C61K's via FedEx. I ended up recycling the HS17 and HR44 I had at Best Buy.
  10. Phil T

    Can I attach Outdoor antenna to a satellite dish

    If the wire from the LNB (arm) on the dish went directly to your satellite receiver you should be fine to hook an antenna to it and hook it directly to your TV. If it went to any other devices like a splitter for other rooms or a switch or amplifier you could have problems. Some older satellite...
  11. Phil T

    Can I attach Outdoor antenna to a satellite dish

    Since I quit satellite I am finding the mounting arms and cables are quite useful in other ways. Again, make sure you do not have any satellite splitters or switches in the cable if you use it for an antenna run. My cables work fine for Comcast/Xfinity and also for my Antenna that I use for...
  12. Phil T

    Orby TV - Chapter 11 Details

    I got one last month at Costco because I was so tired of buying HP cartridges every couple of months. So far I have printed over 200 pages and the ink levels haven't moved. I have two more black ink bottles so it looks like I am good for at least five years!
  13. Phil T

    KYOU-TV Studio in Ottumwa, IA

    What channel do I get fries on? :)
  14. Phil T

    Sinclair and Bally’s Unveil New Logo and RSN Names

    Lucky Us. Rockies are on AT&T Sportsnet, but after paying St.Louis $50 million to take Arenado, they should be on BS!
  15. Phil T

    Columbus Ohio ABC WSYX, Fox WTTE, and CW WWHO will start broadcasting ATSC 3.0 at 10 AM on December 3, 2020

    We are seeing ATSC 3.0 happening in Denver soon.
  16. Phil T

    OTA question for a clueless person (me!)

    In the old analog days (60's & 70's) We had friends In Frankfort who got WLW-T Cincinnati on a cable system. It was the first time I ever saw cable TV. I remember the picture was very snowy. I lived in Cincy and we had a VHF antenna cut for Channel 4 and a rotator. We could get all Cincy and...
  17. Phil T

    FCC allowing AM stations to go full digital

    I listen to a digital AM station (KLVZ 810 Denver) a lot. I live probably 30 miles from the transmitter. It is an oldies station and I enjoy the sound quality in my 2018 Nissan Murano. There are low terrain areas near me where it drops out and I believe they reduce power after sunset because I...
  18. Phil T

    DISH to Become National Facilities-based Wireless Carrier

    I went by the Riverfront Dish facility in Littleton tonight. There appears to be a lot of construction going on. At one time it was Dish's headquarters which has now moved to Meridian, south of Denver. Wondering if the work is related to Dish's new wireless adventurers? ( Did I do a good job of...
  19. Phil T

    DISH to Become National Facilities-based Wireless Carrier

    I found out last month I have prostate cancer. When talking with the Dr. he asked about smoking. My brother and I never have but our parents were heavy smokers. When I was working in the 70's and early 80 I worked with a lot of people who smoked in the office. My wife would have me strip off my...
  20. Phil T

    Bird Poop on Dish and signal??

    This thread reminds me of when I was a early Dish customer. One morning I had no signal and went outside and found a pigeon sitting on the LNB arm. I was suffering from bird fade!