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    Trouble hooking HD box up to SD with component

    I'm having trouble hooking my H24-200 up to my old CRT TV with component video cables. I set the box to 4:3, tried all of the different "fit" settings (cropped, stretch, bars, etc), removed every resolution other than 480i, and I still get a bluish, rolling picture. When I hook up with...
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    Question about Whole-home/communicating with other DVRs

    Hey guys, first of all, a quick thanks to everyone on the forum. I haven't participated a lot, but I've spent a ton of time on the forums prior to having D* installed on Friday. Your help has been invaluable and minimized any surprises, helped me choose the right equipment, etc. Here is my...
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    Can anyone recommend a retailer/installer in the west Denver metro area?

    I'm looking for people who have had good experiences with a specific retailer/installer in the west Denver area (Golden/Wheat Ridge/Lakewood). Long story short, I got screwed by the reseller who works with Best Buy, so I canceled the install and want to go with someone good! Thanks.
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    HR24/H24 location choice?

    Hey everyone, first post here. Just signed up today at Best Buy and got the Choice Extra package, one HD DVR, one HD receiver, and one SD receiver. My question is: is there a difference between the HR24 and the H24 other than the actual physical DVR inside, assuming I'll have whole home DVR...