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    Can a 522 support an external HD now?

    I see the option in the support screens to be able to add external storage. Menu 8 for Preferences 5 for Record Plus ERD Setup Enable/Disable recordings to an external device Just curious as it would be nice to have more space :D TIA
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    Help re-init 508 hd

    I am following the directions contained in the thread: and I get all the way to the last screen that says about the hard drive being re-initalized. To clear press poser button or...
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    522 install help needed

    Just received my replacement 522 for the obsoleted 721. Hooked it up but the 522 is not seeing 110. In the dish info screen, it only is showing 119. The reciever is not activated yet as my wife will kill me if she can't watch her shows tonight. Any thoughts as to why by swapping the cable...
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    721 loosing input/sat 2 lock everyday

    Maybe not the right forum, sorry if not. My 721 is having input/sat 2 problems that require rebooting every day now. It seems to happen about 4 or 4:30 pm EDT. The thing will just loose lock, even if watching that that input/sat. Was watching the local 4:00 pm news and it when out and...
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    Dumb NHL Center Ice question

    If I were to order the package , will the games be available to all of my receivers or just the main? Don't think I can get my wife to sign off on this if it will tie up the main box - I do that already watching football :D
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    721 archiving issue w/black line

    I have occasionally archived items from my 508 with no issues. today I attemtped to use the same method to archive a show from my 721. Imagine my surprise when I see a black line across the bottom of the screen about an inch up from the bottom. I get the line when using s-video as well as rca...