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    AT&T plans to move all DirecTV customers to new streaming service

    We have had this same thread already. First install option? Satellite dish 2nd option, if NLOS, or dish not allowed, "directvnow" Everyone with high speed Internet who has a dish, use directvnow during rain. Who become the only people who cannot get directv? people with NLOS, And no high...
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    4k question

    +1 YOU DON'T NEED ANY INTERNET FOR 4K. NONE. NONE AT ALL. If you sign up for 4k, and don't get a hr54 genie, MAKE THE DIPSHIT LEAVE.
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    4k question

    That's the dumbest thing I've heard about 4k. You do Not need any Internet for all. I've worked for mastec in the past and I still know people who do, for about 3 months now, they don't even get hr44s anymore. The company I work for hasn't gotten any hr44s since late June, just...
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    Mini or HR24

    Or, you can get a h24/h25 for $99. DONT go mini, either the hr24 or h25 wil give you a backup if your genie goes down. The hr24 gives you some extra recording space, and you can still view your recordings from the same list in any room. It also wont max out your tuner limit.
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    SL3 LNB 99 Signal Not Acquired

    Also, make sure your dish and your lines are grounded. Even when you dont have a lightning strike nearby, bad weather and high winds cause a LOT of static electricity in the air and anything metal just soaks it up. Even a simple 18-20 guage wire from the dish to a ground can give that static a...
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    SL3 LNB 99 Signal Not Acquired

    Yes, they are on an arc, and your dish is pointed correctly, does NOT need to be moved. However, an lnb can go bad on just one of the three birds. Sometimes its errant static electricity, or a nearby lightning strike. And sometimes you just need a software download. Reboot your main genie, or...
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    Channels I (Don't) Get

    And they greyed out channels arent always accurate either. In my experience, 99 percent of installs are people getting rid of time warner, or uverse, or movers. People who leave dish network almost ALWAYS complain about how they jack with the bill, not the service itself.Ive done over 1000 dtv...
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    Channels I (Don't) Get

    Sometimes the "channels I get" even hides channels you actually get, like right now there Is a free hbo preview this weekend and it probably is hiding those When i do installs I just leave it at show all channels
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    Converting direct tv to hdtv antenna

    You also need to get a 75:300 ohm balun and mount it in between the antenna and the coax, although if your antenna has a connector that the coax can directly screw onto, then the balun is probably built in.
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    AT&T phasing out STB and Satellites by 2020?

    Well, everyone who signs up signed on for 2 years. And if there comes a time when all the sat techs get laid off or have their contracts cancelled nationwide, then there will still be over 700 days left to worry about it ;)
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    AT&T U-Verse is Soon to be No More!

    Supervisor. Let me say that Iam not a high up at&t employee, i am a dtv contractor. Our supervisor has to do conference calls once a month with att and other contracting companies and he likes to fill us in. Sometimes these things are very true, and sometimes not. It's not that at&t wants to...
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    AT&T U-Verse is Soon to be No More!

    Uverse hogs up Internet bandwidth, dtv does not. Uverse can go down for a whole neighborhood with certain hardware failures, cars crashing into telephone poles. I am told that uUverse, whatever it ends up being called will be for apartments and hotels, and NLOS, and that it will have the exact...
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    Dish alignment

    Service calls always cost the customer money, unless you have protection plan. However, if you have been with them for at least a year, you can usually get a free equipment upgrade as long as you renew for 2 years. Techs are required to pass a signal test to close work orders, so upgrades a lot...
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    What department to ask for when calling in to lower bill

    Call, and tell them "blah blah blah" offered you a good deal and that you'rethinking about cancelling. The department you want to be transferred to is "retention" people with many boxes or the 24 dollar a month dvr fee get better deals, but anyone out of contract can get something.
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    KVH M3 and HR54 dish selection problem

    THIS. get it all back to the point where it downloads the satellite info. Then, go to settings, display, preferences, "hide sd duplicates" and change it to "show all channels" Now, in your guide, choose only the SDchannels and it should work
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    2 Genies... ?

    Probably true. A bar with the owners residence upstairs, a genie and client upstairs and 3 h24s downstairs, same dish, same account
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    A Shame Thread

    Tons of jobs by power lines. I can'tfind my favorite right now tho, its grounded to a gas main
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    A Shame Thread

    Lo,Lopro on a rail one block non-pen I could do this all day
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    A Shame Thread

    The "anchored" pole the country pole the line of sight boost
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    A Shame Thread

    A double stacked lo-pro, with EL/AZ broke off for the middle tie-together, on an under eave mount with studs hit on one side only, no corner braces, and pointed right at trees during a winter install, service out at beginning of spring. the other one is a LO,LO pro You mean like these?