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    Why Sirius when Pandora is Free?

    I don't understand why broadcasters want to make it difficult to listen to their stations. Isn't the whole point of broadcasting to get listeners? I've got a great setup that allows me to stream internet audio through my HR20 boxes. It works well when the links stay in tact. I lost Clear...
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    Why Sirius when Pandora is Free?

    AOL Radio works pretty well still. It carries (or maybe carried) the CBS stations. As the OP stated though, there are many options besides Sirius these days. Hope they don't go hog wild with rates when their agreement to hold prices comes to an end.
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    Take a look: Satellite 101 [VIDEO]

    Very interesting video. Thanks for sharing. It is amazing to me that this stuff works.
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    America's Got Talent Season 6 (2011)

    Morphing Silhouette Dancers on Conan Video The original Silhouettes on Conan's show a few years ago was much better than this group.
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    Got the $77 deal

    I cancelled two radios today. I've always gotten a deal when cancelling. The best they had to offer was half-price for 6 months. I passed. I think it is time to move along. The technology was fun, but the programming has become extremely stale. I still have Sirius in my van on a factory...
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    My Sling Adaptor is Smoking!

    The power adapter for my Sling Classic almost caught fire from running too hot. I though that was what you were speaking of.
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    Where to buy ...

    Sirius XM Radio at MyRadioStore - All Things Sirius XM I've used these guys for years. Quick shipping and great prices.
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    Got the $77 deal

    The 3rd party apps are functional again.
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    Betty Ford dies at 93

    Former first lady Betty Ford dies at the age of 93 -
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    Rangers Fan Dies After Falling Out Of Stands During Game

    He appears to have been rather tall. I wonder if the physics of the rail height vs his height had something to do with him falling. As to the man trying to catch him before he fell, it all seemed to happen too quickly. I doubt anyone would have had the reflexes to save this man before the fall.
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    In Phoenix, RTV is on 7.2 and ME TV was added to 7.3. They are going to swap the two on 9/1. I'd rather see them pick up "ME2" and drop the RTV package all together. The lineup they currently have is horrible. If I were operating an affiliate, I would drop them in a heartbeat. God only...
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    old tv

    If it has composite inputs, yes, it will. Composite would be the Red/White for audio and the Yellow for video.
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    Verizon's Turn Now (Ending Unlimited Data Plan)

    For now. The problem with the competitive landscape we have now is that one service increases the price and the other follows suit. It is such a disappointment to see all of the potential this technology can bring, only to be stifled by AT&T and Verizon.
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    What is this $77.00 plan and how do I get it?

    What do you mean finally-integrated? I have Sirius in my van and XM in my truck. Nothing I can do to get them combined on one bill and get a discount on the second radio.
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    The end of legacy streams?

    SiriusXM Legacy Streams Down (or Gone?) | The XMTuner Blog SiriusXMStreamer - Sirius|XM Internet Radio Stream Proxy I've used the solution by for a few years. I'm hoping that this is temporary. This also blows up the app available for ROKU. What a shame.
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    Spot Beams

    In Tucson, I get 90+ on 7 TPs. 3 are for Phoenix, 2 are for Tucson, 1 for El Paso, and I haven't figured out the last one. Strange that El Paso booms in here, yet Albequrque has 0 strength.
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    how much do you pay for internet?

    Damn Iceberg...what kind of speed are you getting? I have 40/5 for $70, plus I have/need a range of IPs which is $15 for 5 IPs...Total is $85/month through Qwest.
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    Sirius XM Freeviw for former subs 5/24-6/6

    Did the deactivated receiver pickup on the lineup changes? I've got a box I turned off but I'm letting it sit for a while to see what happens.
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    Just switched from Uverse to DTV.

    Although the speed of the HR24 is a bit better than the older receivers, the user interface is exactly the same. I wouldn't be too upset with a re-furb if I got a good deal on installation.
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    DIRECTV Launches $30 Premier PPV Service Thursday

    Most hotel rooms don't offer an HD experience with home theater sound. It's a completely different experience and expectation. Must also wait to see the content before assuming it is the same service.