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    942 upgrade to 722 question

    :confused:Just scheduled to have the upgrade for tomorrow. Got the upgrade for $100 net after rebate / credit and 18 month commitment. Question: How can I transfer over all my 942 recordings to the new 722. Can it be done and how.
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    322 Being Held Hostage

    Ok, I could use some comments on this subject because I am not sure what to do. Purchased a 322 receiver from ebay after Dish could not provide me with a 322 unit for free but could some how provide me with (2) 311’s which I am sure was in effort to collect the additional receiver charge...
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    322 Purchace / Help

    I decided to return my 625 DVR and save some money off my bill as I find myself only using the 942 in the livingroom. I asked Dish to replace it with a 322 and they said they can not and offered me 2 311 instead. I declined as then the 2 extra receivers would have cost me $ 5 each and defeated...
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    How to connect an OTA to 942 receiver

    I'd would like to watch my locals in HD. I assume Charlie will not be broadcasting locals in HD anytime soon so I want to expolre the OTA antenna option. If I buy an OTA antenna can I and how do I hook it up to my 942 receiver (I assume the 942 will act a my OTA HD Tuner?). My current...
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    audio voice does not match Video voice

    Why is it that the voices on select movies (GuyTV) do not match the video? :confused:
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    Help configuring my 942 with TV and HT System

    Installers came out last Saturday to install, get this they came at 8 pm and didnt leave till just after midnight! Not happy with the install either, but they agreed to come again this Saturday! Anyway, I need some advice on configuring my HT system. Below is details about my inputs / outputs...
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    New Guy needs HELP!, What reciever should I request

    I am new and still learning about HDTV and could use some advise. I just bought a HDTV and will use DishNetwork to receive HDTV. They are scheduled to come out on Monday to install. They said they will install an 811 and a 322. Question: is the optimum set up for my ststem. My requirments...