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    U502 has blown up OTA...again.

    I have also been having a problem with my OTA recordings with my Hopper With Sling since the latest update. I have found that the problem does not happen when I turn the receiver to an OTA channel to watch live TV. However, if I try to watch live TV with Dish Anywhere, the problem occurs. If I...
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    Black screen on several channels on the western arc.

    I lost my local stations(Madison WI) yesterday afternoon and they came back last night and I lost them again this morning. This is terrible timing for Dish on the first NFL Sunday.
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    Is there a better way to get different local channels?

    I have another address I could use, but the the local dish provider that originally changed the address for me won't change it because they said they got caught by Dish and almost lost their license. Is it possible that I could tell Dish I moved it by myself?
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    Is there a better way to get different local channels?

    A few years ago, I had a local Dish provider change my service address to a place in Wisconsin so I could see every Packer game, even though I live in Illinois. The Wisconsin address I was using belonged to my cousins and they just moved. I don't want to keep using that address because I don't...