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    Denver Apt intall

    just a heads up, flat cable is a bad idea in an apt where the door is going to be frequently traveled.(if there is no window in the patio/railing area) if youre using it through a window, be sure that there is plenty of slack on the wire before and after the flat cable. ive seen many of them...
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    $70 Charge for what?

    my lst hsp paid $28 a service call to the tech, have him roll, drop him 30 bucks, and have him cancel the work order... if you arent going to fight the $70 charge, youre better off going that route. or get the protection plan. one s/c a year will be more expensive than the $5/mo fee...
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    Can you change your zipcode on R15 300 reciever to get locals?

    as many others have said, changing the settings on the reciever will only give you the coordinates for dish alignment. you would need a billing address in the city that you want locals out of if you want those locals. this isnt a for sure thing though, if you are out of the areas local spot...
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    What switch for 2nd dish ?

    would be much easier to just swap the odu for a triple sat dish. the triple sat has 101, 110, and 119 lnb with built in 4 way switch in the head. prolly cheaper too considering what peeps on ebay sell switches for.
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    H10 receiver trouble

    my first guess would be a bad reciever as well.
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    Upgrade from 3LNB to AT9 question...

    if they are available in your area, you should be good to go.
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    You installers out there

    jaime pressly
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    No Signal When A/c Kicks On!! Help!!!

    what kind of box is it? what i would do: take 10ga ground wire out of ground block(if you have one) and see if that changes anything. if it fixes it, have electrician come out and look at ground on a/c. if that doesnt fix it... i would try running the box on a different power circuit on...
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    wierd problem

    in all my years doing this, this has happened to me twice. both times, i was shocked as i touched the wiring with my hand. obviously, if a wire shocks you picking it up, youre probably not going to put it on your tongue. theres a 99.9999% chance that it wont have a hot ground, but perhaps there...
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    wierd problem

    easy way to check for voltage w/o a meter... plug the reciever end, go out to the lnb, put your tongue on the wire, if you get shocked(its only 13 or 18v-not enough to kill you-i do it all the time) then the line is good. if you get voltage, i would assume dish realignment or lnb. if you dont...
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    You installers out there

    i'd be installing some cable LOL... :naughty:
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    Getting the CSR runaround... is this true?

    i dont know if this will help much but a dish relocate upgrade wo will only cost 49.99.
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    hello all!

    for some reason my posts dont go through...
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    hello all!

    just found this site (god why am i looking at satellite stuff on my day off!?) anyways, just wanted to say hi and introduce myself. im a tier 3 installer for mastec. been doing this for quite a while. looking forward to helping out with any problems that i can. :) -tucker