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    Contacting DIRT

    I've had dish (2 hoppers 1 joey) for about 5 and a half years. At that time I read about how people "move" to get locals they want. We have been out of contract for a few years. We keep dish even though it's the much more expensive tv option because my husband has to have Chicago locals for...
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    Has anyone had a non-standard configuration install yet?

    What is a good way to get 2h/1j then? I do not want to drop down from 4 tuners on 3 tvs to 3 tuners.
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    Questions about The Hopper?

    Is it possible to order an install with 2h/2j and then cancel 1 joey when the installer comes? I would like to order online or by phone. I believe I saw that retailers lost money on upgrades and I currently am setup by just dish.
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    Questions about The Hopper?

    I am wanting 2 hoppers and 1 joey. Can I still do this though a Dirt team member? I believe I previously saw only Dirt members could do that. I am wanting 1 hopper connected to the internet and the other not. Is this only available after the hopper to hopper update? When are the hoppers suppose...
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    all recordings gone

    For a couple weeks tv shows have been missing when the should have recorded. Last night all recordings stored on the dvr vanished. Hubby said he seen a message about the hard drive being full when there was very little hard drive space used. We have had the receiver about a year with no major...