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    line amplifier?

    Check your connectors, I run 180' and still get a 96-92 signal on transponders,
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    Help with double LNB satellite dish troubleshoot

    Had a call from a friend who is having trouble here is situation he told me about: All inside lines were prewired and then finished over... There is a eliptical dish with a double LNB that is bringing lines down to High Def Receivers and getting strong signals on all transponders...
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    Trip sat 2 to 4 multi/switch???

    No way around it, you would have to bring all 4 lines down and in...
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    Satellite installer tools of the trade.

    I love my Digisat II... But If I needed a new one I would probably go with the Acutrac 22 Pro... You can get all sats when you have the 101 & 119 lined up 110 hits automatically since its in between the 2... If your only going with 1 ladder then I would get a 28' I use a 20' and have a...
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    I would check Line of site... is your receiver set up for 3 LNB in the menu?
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    If its still under warrenty call it in.
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    Signal problem help

    I think the problem is your SKEW... The TILT of dish I see you list SAT A, SAT B, and SAT C... you set the AZ at 133 and no signal because your tilt is off... and make sure your receivers are set up for multi sat dish not round... Your Elevation ( up & down ) Your Azimuth ( side to...
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    Help w/expansion

    To get HDTV you will need a 18x20 dish with triple LNB, in place of Round dish w/ dual LNB... 4 lines in to RECEIVERS after grounding of course... the triple LNB has a built in Multi-switch.
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    Newbie questions !!!!

    You only need a phoneline if you want to order PPV movies.
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    I have heard that Rg59 can burn out with the higher voltage... I believe this is why they want you to run Rg6 ... If your Rg59 is running through Walls there may be extra charges for the fish...
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    Moving my dish to new home

    Just for the info: D*'s Mover program will bring you a new dish when they come to run everything... All you need to do is take the receivers, they do this so that the new people that move in to your old place, will be more than likely to plug in theirs, or sign up as a new subscriber. If...
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    triple LNB install

    Where are you located? Is your Mast Level? Is the receiver set up on Mulit Sat option?
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    No satellite but, I have it in other rooms

    YES, switch the receivers out in different rooms if they are working ... if they dont work in the room with HD then you know the line is bad... OR It can be as something as small as a little piece of braid touching the copper line ( did the installer put new fittings on? )
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    Install help please!

    Is it a Cascadable Multi switch... If not that will be your problem, The triple LNB has a Multi built in and it becomes confused. Other than that I would say your allignment is off. Post what your zip code is or City, ST ( or where your at ) Good Luck
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    Bad Install?

    That is CRAP! What an embarrassment!
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    install ?'s

    If you have a line in every room to the outside Gray Closure box ( where all the cable wires come out of the house ) then you shouldnt have any problem If you are getting a TIVO then you will have to have another cable routed, which through the wall will be an extra charge If you dont want...
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    Picture of my DTV dish set up and Question

    What a mess! Thats just sloppy and Sad!
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    P4 Access card balence question

    Card will cost you $20 I would sell it without the card...
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    Newbie Needs Help

    enter your zip code in the setup menu, it will tell you there.
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    Sudden loss of signal

    I would say RCA go "poof" or send your overdue payment in... No seriously, Try the reset, ( unplug it for a few mins ) Is this the only receiver you have in the house, if not is the other working? Check the switch, I would say its the receiver though.