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    Strange issues

    I have an hr24 and hr34 swm16 multi switch, my problems come from hr34 pixealting, drooping channels from guide and now dropping audio, any help would be fantastic as to solving the problems.... Thanks Sent from my iPad using SatelliteGuys
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    Almost that time again

    Wonder if and what goodies we may get? :) Sent from my iPad using SatelliteGuys
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    Hr34 issues

    I have an hr34 that doesnt work properly it has been connected to 2 different tvs both have suffered multiple main board failures. The 34 will spark when connected to and hdmi port on tv..... Does anyone have any ideas to help remedy this issue..........thanks
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    Router issues

    Just wondering which wireless router plays best with hr34 hr24 mrv. Have netgear wndr3700 but cant keep connection with VOD.. I have one hooked up that is on its last leg and can access mrv........thanks for the help and input Sent from my iPad using SatelliteGuys
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    HR34 problems

    Have HR34 and Hr24 with swm16 multiswitch PI29 and bbdeca the 34 freezes and skips. I can move it upstairs. And it works fine the freezing is only on VOD. Any help is appreciated. Sent from my iPad using SatelliteGuys
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    Confused about swm 16 muliswitch

    I have swm 16 multiswitch installed in box outside, there are also 2 two way splitters installed there ..i have HR34 and HR24 doi actually need those splitters with swm 16 My lnb has 4 coax outputs just wondering if i can cut down on connections outside for possible improvements...
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    HR34 issue

    ]Does anyone with a 34 have internet connection dropouts when downloading on demand shows. Wondering of there is a way to stop this. I have HR34 and HR24 swm16 multiswitch ethernet run into back of HR34 have tried BBDEcca amd causes it to happen even more. Any help is greatly appreciated...