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    Using remote more effectively

    Hi all, how are you? Does anyone know the most effective way to scroll the hd channel guide? ie with least button pushes? Right now I have to go to the guide and scroll all the way down to the hd filter which is alot of clicks. I suppose i have the recent, latest, typical remote, white, etc.
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    Please HELP with Issues I have

    Hi guys, For weeks I had been getting "frozen", stuttering, pixelated, and no-pictures at various hd channels (food hd, cnnhd,...) around the time I come home, afternoon to evening. So, I called dtv and a tech came this morning. Sadly, all the problems are not seen during daytime (ie morning)...
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    I need advices from experienced installers...

    Hi All, I need advices from experienced installers who have used a signal meter to get 95 sat (international chans). My HOA rooftop is hard to get to, so I can't really rely on using a receiver and a TV to align the dish and detect signal. The dish is Samsonic. So I will get a meter. Btw, I...
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    Dishnetwork and DTV Together Questions

    Hi guys I have these questions. I already have one coax running from a DTV zinwell 6x8 switch to DTV receiver. Everything great. I want to install Dish Pro 500 for Dishnetwork. Can I join a dishpro's output and the 6x8 output via some sort of splitter and use one coax? Note: I WILL ONLY...
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    Is There an Aftermarket DVR that..

    1. lets you put in a hard drive of your choice 2. Record and playback hd programs 3. Under 300 usd ?? thanks.
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    One Button Press for Guide

    Guys, Please I need a way to press only ONE button to call up the guide. Clicking twice, especially with slow responding receivers, is too much after a while. Thanks.
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    Autotune Issue

    Hi, I recently "discovered" autotune feature. I use it mainly for timer recording (with a dvd recorder of course.) The problem I am seeing is once the receiver is on, it won't turn itself off after the autotuned program ends. I feel it's a waste of electricity and receiver's lifetime. How do I...
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    Joining DishNetwork and DTV Streams to one Coax

    Is it possible via some sort of switches, splitters, joiners, etc?
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    A bunch of QUESTIONS about 95W Setup

    Hi All, Please patient with a newbie. I'm trying to set up dish antenna to get 95W channels. I already have the oldest round 18" dish. 1. Would another round dish pointing in 95W direction work, assuming everything else is in place? 2. If not, where I can I get an oval international dish...