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  1. longhalkilo

    Star Choice 48" Dish

    I have mod 4 starchoice 32" dish with the 50mm holders. All you need to do is cut a piece of 1 1/2" ABS pipe X 1" long or longer then cut it in half. Now all you do is take black electrical tape and the 2 half pieces and tape them to the throat of the LNB and build it up with tape until it fits.
  2. longhalkilo

    New GEOSATpro microHD Receiver

    You are right ,but they are not all created equal.
  3. longhalkilo

    New GEOSATpro microHD Receiver

    Brian, It look like this is going to be one sweet little box.One question will it be able to handle DISEqC 1.1 along with 1.2 or 1.3. and with 22Khz tone switch.
  4. longhalkilo

    How would I fix a 36" Ku satllite dish? Warped

    I would hold the rim like you were holding a steering wheel at 9 and 3 o'clock on the unwarped sides.Now take the dish and hold it to your chest and thrust it away from you and jerk it back quickly. Then check it on a flat surface or use the string method until it is perfect.I have done this...
  5. longhalkilo


    Well I think Free DBS 15 minute of fame is over by about 485 plus days.
  6. longhalkilo

    first strike

    I live near Moncton N.B. and have one for the last year .I have used it to set up 3 Bell systems and I am always playing with my FTA systems .It is a very good meter with little bit of a learning curve to it.Yesterday I used it to tune one of my dishes to get 103w NBC S-2 feeds ,with the quick...
  7. longhalkilo

    Spitfire Elite LNBF Failures

    I have had my Spitfire Elite on a motorized dish for over a year with no problems.I have used quite a few LNB's over the years and this is the best one I have used.
  8. longhalkilo

    Winter vs the FTA dish setup

    Just use RAIN-X the one for windshields.It works very good for me where I live in the snow belt.
  9. longhalkilo

    Inexpensive tuner for PBS & RTV?

    The Sathawk, Solomend, and the Openbox S9 are the same box with different face plates.They blind scan very well both DVB-S and S2 at the same time.You get a very good picture from the Sharp tuner (one of the best tuner in the market).IMHO.The only draw back is if you use it on some of the older...
  10. longhalkilo

    Quick Review: FS1 First Strike Meter

    I use the S/N:_._ db scale on this meter which is very sensitive .
  11. longhalkilo

    Quick Review: FS1 First Strike Meter

    I have had this meter for 10 months now and it is a great meter.When I am looking for a sat I put a strong TP and a weaker TP in the user panel section .Then I use the strong one to locate and switch to the weaker one to fine tune the dish.Tony Dunnett wrote a very good review on this meter and...
  12. longhalkilo

    Viewsat 9000HD or Sonicview 8000HD

    Nfusion is a hack box.There is a very long thread here on a sathawk 8000 this looks like a good sd hd box for under $200.
  13. longhalkilo

    anyone using ariza ultra 500 receiver?

    I had one and it is now set up at a friends house for 83W (rtv/tuff).I am not sure if your LNb is standard or not. You have to enter 10750 in the LNB settings if it is a standard , and then on a active TP.The ariza will only scan TP in the sat list , you will have enter them in you want by...
  14. longhalkilo

    Don't Believe NPS about C band support ending.

    My hat off to you sir. Well done.
  15. longhalkilo

    getting 97w 101w

    I presume s/c is for Star Choice ,is it the one with two beer cans or the mono block with four F connectors (this will do four separate receivers). If it is the mono block ,one is marked B aim it at 101W and skew dish for 97W for LNB A. Now go to the receiver sat set up menu, and set 101W LNB...
  16. longhalkilo

    friends don't understand

    My neighbors think I am nuts with my dish farm, and I would like to keep it that way. The other day one dropped in while I was surfing G19. He wanted to know ware they where coming from, I told him the mother ship. LOL After 2 hours he went home ,with a list of equipment to buy.
  17. longhalkilo

    Motor and Spliter

    Would a Perfect Vision Diplexers PVDP-2PP with DC power passing on 2 ports be a good choice.How would you connect it,LNB to 950-2400 mhz port and motor to 2-860 mhz port?
  18. longhalkilo

    Motor and Spliter

    Thank you Putney.I see it is time for me to do some reading and thinking about a motor mod, and looking for parts.
  19. longhalkilo

    Motor and Spliter

    Well I did it this time,I screwed up my DG-280 motor.According to the manual on page 5 under "Hardware Reset by DiSEqE Motor". I disconnected the RG6 ,then press and hold both EAST/WEST buttons for 5 seconds and then reconnect RG6.The motor is still working properly ,but the LNB will show S but...
  20. longhalkilo

    RTV on Sonicview 9000HD?

    Can you swap the SV 8000 with CS 5000 location and see if then it works for RTV. You could have a cable issue ,RTV has a week singnal and it don't take much to drop it.