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    Help with double LNB satellite dish troubleshoot

    Had a call from a friend who is having trouble here is situation he told me about: All inside lines were prewired and then finished over... There is a eliptical dish with a double LNB that is bringing lines down to High Def Receivers and getting strong signals on all transponders...
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    The Gov. Arnold S Calls Directv

    Deleted .
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    Anyone interested in Single LNB - D*

    I have a few laying around - does anyone need any $10 this includes s/h to lower 48 If anyone in else is interested PM me and I will see what s/h will run to your area.
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    Would this receiver work for FTA?

    Picked up a Uniden UST4600 from a new D* customer, they were going to throw it away... Would this receiver work for FTA, I have been reading on here and am really interested in FTA, but am really new to it. Thanks in advance,
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    Hey Installers, has this happened to you?

    Just a gripe session from me, I get tired of going to customers homes and when it comes to pole mounts or custom work that needs to be done, they were told that its all FREE. ( hah ) ALSO, when you get done and are activating the customer completely flips out if they have to pay the $50 up...
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    Are there any VOOM Afilliate Programs?

    Just curious to see if there are any VoOM afilliate programs, I know sears has one but they say to contact VOOM diretly for online ordering Can anyone help, I will be a sub afilliate for you with your link! ROB
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    Anyone heard when Nebraska area will get LOCALS?

    Family Members are thinking about signing up with Directv but as of right now NO Local Channels are available, anyone have any insight when they may be in place since the new satellite was put in place? Thanks, 022266