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    Benefits of broadband connection?

    Hello everyone - I finally connected my Dish 622 to my home network. I reset the connection in the system setup menu and everything seems to be working. My question is this: What are the benefits of connecting to my home network? Do I still need to connect a phone line? Are there...
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    Using Comcast cable instead of OTA

    I recently signed up for a comcast bundle that includes my phone, internet, and 71 comcast cable channels. Here is my question- Is it possible to hook my comcast cable into my DISH 622 receiver and view the channels like I can with my OTA antenna? I have hooked the cable up and done a channel...
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    side by side PIP 622

    I read on this board awhile ago that Dish would be adding side by side PIP with the next 622 software release. Does anyone know when we can expect that release?
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    New Portland HD's really choppy

    I saw the thread on here about the Portland HD's. I get them but they're really choppy. Do I need to adjust something, reboot, or is this normal
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    622 artifacts with HDMI

    I have a 942 connected to my TV with the HDMI cable. I have noticed some pretty significant artifacts while watching the standard def channels, especially fast moving stuff like football, Nascar, basketball, etc. My wife has even commented on how bad it looks. I know others have reported...
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    942/622 cable HD install question

    Hello - I currently have a 942 receiver with an OTA antenna connected which I receive most, but not all of my local HD programming. I also have a basic comcast cable subscription because it saves me $10 on my internet service. With that service I get all of the local channels in HD as well...
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    Dish almost didn't activate my 522

    I just received my 522 from Fedex today that I bought on e-bay last week. I called to activate it and they said "Sorry sir, we cannot activate 522's except for new lease customers" I told them that I called last week to confirm that they WOULD activate it. They said it was a new policy as of...
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    DVR Wish List

    wouldn't it be cool if you could organize your Recorded events in "folders" or "Themes" instead of just having them all listed together. That way, if you wanted to watch a movie, for example, you could go to your movies folder and pick one. Just a thought
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    721 KABOOOM!

    I bought a 721 yesterday. Activation was a pain, but after it was all set up, I loved it. This morning at 5:30 a.m. my dog started barking. So, I got out of bed and checked it out. She was standing under the BRAND NEW 721 barking at it. It was making clicking noise. I turned on the TV and...