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    Installer left the dish after upgrade

    We just did the DIU upgrade and got the 1000 dish to replace our 500. The installer took the things off the dish but left the dish in the yard. Is this usual? Is the dish now ours? Can we buy those things on the end and put it back up to pick up other sats? Is there anything else we can use...
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    Dish Online - Free on demand

    Does anyone know, or can ask someone at CES, if Dish will offer free TV shows and movies through their Dish Online service sometime in the future?
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    SD PQ difference between 522 and 622

    We just got a new plasma TV and the PQ for SD is really good on the 522. Much better than the Comcast SD quality. They're PQ was really blocky and had a lot of artifacts. I was wondering if the PQ for the SD will change on the 622 which we are getting next week. Will it get worse, better...
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    Help with VGA out on laptop to HDTV

    I'm not sure if this is the right area but I hope someone can help. I just got the Samsung HP-T5054 plasma and it has VGA in. My laptop is an old HP and has VGA out. The picture looks amazing most of the time, but once every minute or so when I am playing a video, haven't noticed it when I am...
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    HD-A3 optical out to old receiver

    I didn't want to make a new topic but the other one is too old. I am thinking of getting the HD-A3 but we only have an old receiver that doesn't do DTS decoding. Is there any way to get a 5.1 channel output to the receiver? It sounded like it only sends it as a dts stream. Is there someway...