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    Which service (Dish or DirecTV) is best and cheapest for multi-room?

    In my last house, I had a Dish Network VIP 722 connected to three TVs. One HD in the living room running off Tuner 1 and a SD in my master bedroom, and a SD in the spare bedroom that could watch from either Tuner 1 or Tuner 2. The receiver was in my living room entertainment stand, so I ran a...
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    Unhappy with Dish, switching to Direct TV. What satellites do I need to point to? What kind of set

    I recently moved and Dish came out and installed a new dish. I was happy with the install, except for the bright orange cable they used and rather than running it the correct length, they coiled it up so that I have a huge wad of bright orange cable hanging off the side of my house. :rolleyes...
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    Moving - What are my options?

    First off, I've been out of contract for quite a while. I just sold our house and will be moving out into the woods. According to, I should have a clear line of site to 127 and 129, but just barely. Are these the two satellites I should be aiming for? I currently live in NW...
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    Not receiving all channels from 119 - NEED TO CORRECT THIS TODAY

    Not receiving all channels from 119 - FIGURED IT OUT. WATER IN CENTER LNB!! Last week, I stopped getting certain channels from 119. It starts searching for the different modules (I think?). I still get some channels from 119 though. I took a look at the signal and it is very weak. 110 and...
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    Losing the signal very easily

    I got a new 1000.2 dish installed yesterday to get HD. Well we had some rain come through last night and it was barely sprinkling it was knocking out the signal for long periods of time. My old 500 didn't go out near that much. When the installer showed me the signal, it was around 111 out of...
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    What line of sight do I need?

    I've been searching the forums for the last hour but can't find anything. I'm getting a 722 and will have HD. right now my locals aren't on HD so I'll do OTA. Which sats will I need to be pointed at? They said I'll need a 1000 dish, but I'm trying to find a place to pole mount and need to...
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    I'm about to cancel my service before I get it.

    So I called the installation company (Ironwood Communications) to see if they could come out beforehand and let me know if the place I want to move my dish to has a good enough line of sight to the satellites. While talking to her, I find out that I have to have two satellite dishes installed...
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    Which receiver am I getting?

    I just ordered DirecTV after having Dish for about 5 years. The guy told me my HD DVR was new and was the first he's ever sold. He said it has 400 hours of SD and an additional 100 hours of HD recording time. But I can't find it on their website anywhere. Anyone know what I'll be getting?