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    I called 888-333-DISH and got DirecTV

    I called the 800 by mistake and the operator asked how she could help me with my account before she identified herself as a DirecTV agent!!!! Nice huh, RobbW :p
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    How difficult is it to switch from Dish to StarChoice to solve distants?

    Is it a nightmare conversion? Seems like the channel choice on StarChoice is fairly robust but I wonder how difficult it would be? I know getting a receiver is no problem in the US but I have no clue if I can even catch the signal in So Cal or if I would be able to just repoint my E*Dish as...
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    Senators reactions to your emails send through or your calls

    I thought this was an interesting response....any thoughts? Buck's in Southern California by the way. Cheers, RobbW Thank you for contacting me regarding the regulation of distant network channels. As you may know, the Florida Southern District Court found EchoStar...
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    offer from dish...this is better!!!!

    So. Cal Dish Owner - just got can be done =) Hi all - when I heard the news on Thursday, I immediately called and scheduled an appointment to have my second (local/148) dish repointed to 61.5. It just got installed a few hours ago. Now, I lost my CBS-W HD but gained CBS-E HD which...