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    Combining FTA signal with OTA signal

    I have a FTA motorized setup already and have already drilled a hole in the wall for my coax. I do not want to drill another hole in the wall and looking for a way to combine the OTA RF signal outside and split them up again inside the house. That being said, I have a motorized setup and do...
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    Post your BUD installation pictures please

    I am in the process of getting ready to install my BUD. I have been looking for a good place for the install and it sure can not be on the ground where I am. so it will either be on a pole up 8 feet or so, or on the roof (which I actually do not want to do). Please if you have mounted a BUD on...
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    Putting together a BUD

    Hi all, I am slowly learning the parts of a BUD, but since I got this BUD, I have some trouble understanding how it all fits together. I have already put together the actual dish. Now there is the metal ring behind it that clamps onto the dish... as well as the part that slips onto the pole...
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    Free DCII channels?

    I know this is an old posting, but here is a usefull link:
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    Polarity with C-band

    Can anyone please explain to me how polarity is controlled on C-band? I know on my KU/DVB system the DICEQ switch controles it, but on c-band?
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    Best LNB for C/Ku band

    Hi all, Lots of questions this week :-) The LNB I have right now is: Mini-Mag 140011 Input: 3.7 - 4.2 ghz Output: 950-1450 Mhz Gain: 65 db Noise: 30k Now, before I put up this dish with this LNB, I was wondering about something: If I use this LNB, will it be c-band only? Will it suffice...
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    C-Band feedhorn part: what is this called?

    Hi all, I need to buy this part but do not know what it is called correctly. The plastic ring behind the feendorn. Where can I buy this part?
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    Installing a used c-band BUD

    Hi all, I recently got a used BUD and am looking at installing it soon. But as a BUD newbie, I have LOTS of questions. My aim is to install the dish now and get it working with minimal investment. then a few months later, I will look at buying a 4DTV receiver and getting it going with DIGI +...
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    C-Band with Sonicview 4000

    I have a Sonicview 4000, hooked up to a 36" and a motor. It works great. Now, I became the proud owner of a 8 foot mesh dish. In a few months time I will look to buy a 4DTV receiver but not now. Thus, my question is, can I drive the 8 foot dish with my Sonicview 4000? Must I add a g-box or...