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    EPG Data Errors - A Growing Problem???

    Just wanted to resurrect this thread under a new title and solicit comments on the subject since over the weekend my wife nearly bit my head off because the guide was showing a new episode of 'Team Sanchez' and that definitely wasn't what got...
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    522 / 625 Demodulators - we're cookin' with gas!

    Pepper brought to light in another thread his theory that the video corruption and audio dropouts that the 522 & 625 have been plagued with are temperature related (and not directly related to hard drive temperature). I wanted to post this picture of the bottom of my spare 522 mainboard as...
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    copy mpeg from the 522 / 625

    notice there's no question mark after the thread title? considering the legal implications right now, so stay tuned. one thing i can tell you with certainty - the transport streams are not encrypted on the disk.