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    Tek2000 Mesh Satellite Pics (Fake Pics ?!)

    Here are my pics of the 8ft mesh dish I bought from Tek2000.I tried to post in the other thread, but something is wrong with this forum...extremely slow and would not allow me to post.This dish has gone through 2 snow/ice storms this winter and I didn't notice any rust on the body or bolts. The...
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    EPG Transponder?

    Hey guys, Anyone know if there is a specific transponder that populates the receiver's EPG? I have seen some channels like DW that populate EPG, but most do not. Quite an interesting selection of channels like MeTV, PBS, Reelz, Cozi, Networks, etc...would be nice if we had an EPG for all...
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    Galaxy 23 (121W) - Erotic Networks

    I am parked on 121W this evening! Everything scans in on my 8ft mesh except for 4011 V - 15000 - 5/6 Lyngsat says it is there (Erotic Networks) but I get no signal. Can anyone confirm with a larger dish? Also, at 4080H - 30000 - 5/6 on the same bird I scan about a dozen encrypted channels...
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    NSS10 (37.4W) - Mega Cosmos Channel

    Hi everyone. I am testing a new 8ft C-Band mesh dish! I've got it parked on NSS10 - 37.W right now and can pull in United TV, SilverBird TV, Metro TV and Antenna 1 Sat. According to Lyngsat, there is also a Mega Cosmos Channel at 3868V - 6666 - 3/4 but I've got no signal. Is this signal...